8 Refrigerator Not Cooling Problems and It’s Solution / Repair

As a refrigerator mechanic,” most people ask me if their refrigerator not cooling and they take me to his/her home to check the refrigerators, There are some main reasons and problems of fridges and freezers not working and in this post, I am writing about refrigerator not cooling problems and it’s solutions.

8 Refrigerator not Cooling Problems And Its Solution / Repair

refrigerator not cooling problems

Test the electrical outlet

Mostly refrigerator stop working and stop cooling due to outlets where we get supply for the refrigerator. In simple words, everyone knows that a refrigerator works on electric energy and if the electric supply is not receiving to the fridge then how can it work? In this problem when we try to start the refrigerator and Ref not starting. The short and simple way to test the outlet voltage, plug in the refrigerator shoe and then check the lamp of the refrigerator.
If the lamp is glowing then there is no internal problem with the electrical outlet and if it’s not glowing then test the outlet’s incoming current using a multimeter or other electrical testing devices. You can also test the outlet/socket by plugging in other electrical substance e.g example plugin your mobile charger and see what happen if your mobile gets charged it means that your outlet is working and have no internal problem.
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The refrigerator is starting but not cooling

In some countries, the incoming voltage is too low or we can say that low voltage is also a reason for refrigerators not cooling or not working of a refrigerator. In many cases, the refrigerator compressor is a start-up and then trips. It means that the incoming voltage is low for the refrigerator compressor motor Or other problems in the compressor or PTC relay.
Note that the 220 volts compressor not working on the 110 – 115 volts supply. If your refrigerator compressor required 220 volts supply and your incoming supply is only 110, then use a step-up transformer or a voltage regulator to step up the voltage.

Check the thermostat switch

We use the thermostat switch in the refrigerator to make an open electric circuit or automatically switch off the compressor motor when the refrigerator compressor completes its cooling. We use the thermostat switch in series between the compressor and electric supply. Most children switch off the compressor supply from the thermostat switch and we think there is a problem with the refrigerator or it’s stopped cooling well. Test your thermostat switch to do it correctly.

Check the PTC Relay and overload Protector

Test your PTC relay and overload protector and if you have seen any problem in these devices then change it, if you can not do it yourself then call a professional.
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Check the supply wire of the Refrigerator

If your refrigerator wire has internal damage or an open circuit, then this is also a big reason for the refrigerator not cooling.

Compressor Problem

Check the compressor using an ohm meter and find out the problem if your compressor is burned or has an internal winding problem then change the compressor. Also, test the shortage of compressor between compressor terminal and compressor body using connectivity test. The compressor not working is also a problem with the refrigerator not cooling
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Refrigerant / Gas leak problem

If your refrigerator compressor starts properly and it’s not cooling. For that problem, first of all, start the refrigerator and test the condenser pipe which is connected to the compressor Hi pressure point if the compressor is starting and this pipe is not getting heat then it means that your refrigerator has no refrigerant gas, and have a leak problem.

Check Cooling FanIn fridge,” fan is used to bring cool air and make ref cool etc. This fan brings the cool air from the evaporator coil and if the fan stop working the flow of cooling is stopped and the refrigerator stopped cooling. For this problem, the solution is to open the door and push the fan push button switch. This switch is normally an open switch and if you push it then it makes a contact between the supply and the fan. If by pushing the switch the fan started then it means that the fan is all right and has no problem and if it’s not working then it means that the fan is not working. To repair,” first of all test the push button switch and if push button switch is working properly then test your fan fuse and if the fuse is burned then change and if not the change your fridge fan.


I hope you learn something about the freezer, not cooling & refrigerator not cooling, and you will about to repair your refrigerator, however, there are some other problems with the fridge not cooling but we will discuss them further in this blog. Always be care full before repairing refrigerators.

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