3 Phase kWh Meter Wiring Complete Guide

Last time I write about the single phase EM wiring and in this post, I am writing about the 3 phase kWh meter wiring and its connection diagram. As you know that we use two types of electrical appliances regarding its rated voltage, in which some are for single phase and some are required 3 phase, just like this we use two types of kWh meter in which one for single phase and 2nd kWh meter 3 phase.
In single-phase supply mostly we use 110 or 220 and in three-phase our voltage is 380 to 440v.
In this post i am writing about three phase kWh meter wiring connection which is too simple wiring connection and also it’s installation is too simple but only for professionals because in single phase power source we have one neutral and one phase and in three phase 4 wire system we have 3 phase which manses the dangerous is more than two times from single phase power source.

3 Phase KWh Meter Wiring Complete Guide

As you know that we use different colours of wires for different substances and places. For a single phase, we use two colours red and black. Black for neutral and Red for phase or Line.
Just like this, we use red, Yellow, and blue for the three-phase and red yellow blue and black for 3 phase 4 wire system.

In a single phase kWh meter, we have 4 terminals in which the first one for incoming phase wire which is come from the main distribution utility pole and 2nd one for neutral which is also come from the main distribution pole, the 3rd thermal for outgoing N and the last one is for out connection of phase to load.

As in single-phase kWh meter wiring, we have 2 connection points for incoming and 2 for connection points for outgoing just like this in 3 phase kWh meter wiring we have 4 connection points for incoming and 4 for the outgoing connection.

For the single phase, we use the 2-core wire, for the 3 phase we use the 3-core wire and for three phase 4 wire system we use the 4-core electric cable.

As we know that the 3-phase kWh energy meter is designed for three-phase 4-wire system, so we use the 4-core electric cable for this, however, in the diagram, I will show single-core cables from which you can learn easily.

Three / 3 phase kWh meter wiring diagram

3 phase energy meter connection diagram

In the above diagram, I show how to wire or install the three-phase energy meter. In the above diagram, I show cable in single core for your better understanding, in real life we reconnected 4 core electric cable for the 3-phase energy meter installation.
In the above diagram, I have shown a utility pole from which I get connected to the meter and then get a connection for load from the EM.
The energy meter wiring connection is the same as shown in the diagram.

In the diagram, I have shown red yellow and blue for lines and black for neutral and shown all cables in the single-core but in real life use the 4-core or 4-wire cable for 3-phase kWh meter. If the 4-core electric cable is not available you can also use the single-core cables or double-core cables but the best option is to use the 4-core cable.

I hope, now you understand the complete process of kWh meter 3 phase wiring and installation, one thing more is that the method of wiring of analog and digital three-phase energy meter is the same.

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