Monday, April 20, 2020

In this post you will learn about the 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. As you know that we have two way switch, washing machine timer, bell, light indicator and washing machine motor. First we talk about the parts step by step.  And then we talk about the complete wiring of 3 wire washing machine motor.

Washing Machine Motor Capacitor Wiring Diagram With Timer

Parts of 3 wire washing machine.

Tow way switch : A 2 way switch is used in washing machine wiring to switch the motor in one or 2 direction. I we switch the motor on one side. Its means that the motor will run only in one direction. And if we switch the motor to two direction. The motor will run on both direction. For a small reset the motor will stop and then the motor will start in 2nd direction-. The motor will start clock and anti clock wise by using the washing machine timer.

Washing Machine timer : A timer is used in washing machine, which can be in different shapes and different types. The wiring wire of washing machine can be different color and different number of wires but it's working will always same. In the below 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. A 6 wire timer is used. The timer working is to run the washing machine motor for specific time. By using the timer the motor run clock and anti clock wise. This timer also on the bell when it's complete the washing timer for small time. And then it's switch off the motor and bell.

Bell And Light Indicator : A bell also install the washing machine, this bell switch for small time when the timer complete his time. Also a light indicator Which show on the incoming electric supply.

Washing machine motor : The main part of a washing machine is the motor. The washing machine motor winding is not different from a single phase induction motor but in the motor they both winding is made from the same number of wire gauge. A 4 pole motor is used in a washing machine motor. which have 3 wire. The one wire is common and the 2 other wire is for the capacitor. Also read the below article which help you that how to test the washing machine motor.

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Capacitor : A capacitor is used in washing machine to run the washing motor. This capacitor will be a running capacitor. But the value of capacitor can be change according the motor.

Now come to the wiring diagram.
3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram

In the above 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. The main supply one wire is connected to the washing machine motor common connection point. Same from the wire the light indicator and buzzer wired.

The 2nd wire is goes to the timer black wire. The timer have 5 more wires. In which the blue for buzzer. The green or brown goes to two way switch. A Two way switch have one three output terminals. In which we use only two. The center point will be not use and when switch on center position-. The washing machine will be off.

The timer red wire will connect to two way position point of 2 way switch.  one yellow is connect to one way position point of switch and also the wire goes to the motor. The second yellow wire will connect to the 3rd wire of motor. A running capacitor will connect between yellow wires.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

We use three phase motor mostly in many places, in this post you will learn the dol starter wiring diagram 3 phase with complete circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay diagram with step by step. We required some electrical things for three phase motor wiring which are below.

3 phase induction motor
3 core electric cable
Three phase 4 wire system supply (three phase and one neutral)
A circuit breaker
A contactor or starter
A overload relay
and flexible wiring cable for controlling wiring
Normal close push button
Normal open push button

Before we starting talking about the wiring and wiring diagram, first we disuse the above substance . We required 3 core cable, a three core cable is a cable which have internal three electric cable which mostly in red, yellow and blue colors. The three phase 4 wire system supply means that we need 3 phase electric supply and one neutral wire. Note that we use the neutral wire for contactor coil wiring which we called the control wiring.
We also required the circuit breaker which are 3 pole circuit breaker or circuit breaker which can cutoff the 3 electrical connection in same time.

Normal close push button (NC) means that we need a push button which is normally have close electric circuit and when we push it then the button switch off the connection or change to the open electric circuit.
Normal open push button mean that we need a push button which have a open electric circuit in normal state and when we push it then it's change to the close electric circuit.

Dol Starter wiring diagram for three phase motor

To wire a 3 phase motor the first thing to wire is a circuit breaker which is disconnect and connecting point then we will get the supply from circuit breaker and connect supply to contactor or starter and then to overload relay. We connect the circuit breaker, contactor and overload relay in series between electrical supply and motor as shown in below diagram.

dol starter wiring diagram 3 phase
Contactor and Overload Relay Wiring

In a contactor we have a magnetic coil which is use for switching. We have also NC and No point in a contactor which we can use for many connections. In overload relay we have an input and output points. In normally overload points have a close electric circuit between point but whenever the ampere or load is getting high the overload relay switch off or make an open electric circuit between these two point or connection. So we wire the overload relay in series between the contactor coil current.
So for contactor wiring first of all connect the neutral wire to contactor coil first terminal and then connect a wire from the one output terminal of circuit breaker which is opposite or phase current for contactor coil. In this process the control wiring which contactor wiring is also control by breaker and when we switch off the breaker, then contactor will stop working auto.
The control wiring wire which connect from the breaker output terminal will goes to the NC push button and then from NC push to the overload relay and NO push button as shown in above diagram. Then we connect a wire between the 2nd terminal of overload relay and this wire goes to the NO point of contactor and then from NO point wire is goes to the 2nd terminal of contactor coil.
Then in last we connect a were between NO push button switch and contactor 2nd terminal of coil where we connect the phase wire of contactor as shown in above diagram. And this wire connection is called tech current.
Final word
Note that in all wiring use the best quality breaker, push button switches, contactor and overload relay. If your overload relay in not good then it will be not trip and if the overload relay does not trip or not switch the point then it will be case of your motor burn. Note that do all wiring control able from circuit breaker as I shown in above diagram.
Note that always connect the earth wire to motor, and adjust the overload relay ampere by using the adjustment switch.

I spend more than 2 hours on this article writing and designing DOL Starter Wiring Diagram 3 Phase Motor diagram, so if you learn some important things then it's your responsibility to share. Now if you have any question regarding the 3 phase motor wiring diagram then you can ask me in below comment section.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

This post is about the forward reverse dc motor using relay. In this post I am sharing a diagram in which a dc motor forward reverse connection is done with double pole double throw relay. For this type of connection you can also use the double pole double throw switch. However in next I will share diagram of forward reverse dc motor using DPDT switch.
In the diagram DPDT relay coil is 12 DCV. This relay is also available in 24 DCV, 120 ACV, 220 ACV. You can use it also. However in this diagram only the 12 DCV electromagnetic relay use. A 12 Volts battery is shown which is used to power the dc motor and relay.

Forward Reverse DC Motor Using Double Pole Double Throw Relay 

forward reverse dc motor using relay

In the above forward reverse DC motor using relay (double pole double throw relay) wiring diagram. two one way switches used. A switch is used to turn DC (direct current) motor forward and reverse. And the second switch which is connected in the way of positive wire is used for switch on/off the motor.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

This post is about the double pole double throw relay schematic diagram. In this post you will complete learn about the working of double pole double throw relay, also known with name of the DPDT relay. Basically a double pole double throw relay is a electrometric relay which two common points, 2 normally close and 2 normally open points. Also 2 coil connection points.  The relay is used for many things, like controlling AC/DC loads, automatic switch, as changeover for generator or double electric supply, DC motor forward reverse, AC single phase motor forward reverse and so on....

Double Pole Double Throw Relay Schematic

DPDT relay is available in different shapes and types according rating coil voltage and contacts amperes. A 8 pin finder or glass type relay is also a type of dpdt relay. Here I shown a dpdt power relay with diagram.

double pole double throw relay schematic

In the above double pole double throw relay schematic diagram. I shown a power relay with schematic diagram. Also a 8 pin glass finder types relay with also a dpdt relay with diagram. In the diagram A1 and A2 is coil terminals of electromagnetic relay. The 1 terminal is common which is normally close with 2 and normally open with 3. The 4 is common and normally close with 5, normally open with 6. Here some more diagram which help you more...

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Note that DPDT Relay can be in different shapes and can be used for different controlling. The small type of double pole double throw relay mostly used for controlling other relay like magnetic contactor. (Also this relay can work as auxiliary contacts with magnetic contactor). And the big size DPDT relay, also know with power relay is used high load according relay ratting. If the relay is 30 Ampere then we can easily control single phase load with is less than 30 ampere. However we will further talk about this..... This post is only about the double pole double throw relay schematic diagram.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

After this post you will complete learn "how to make UPS inverter at home diagram". In this blog i also share how to connect the UPS to battery or batteries. How to wire the ups for home wiring. Or how a UPS inverter wiring. In this post i will teach you how to make ups inverter at home. There are different types of UPS / inverter are available in market. And you can buy it from any offline or online markets according you load.

How to make a UPS/Inverter at home

In the market the circuit is available which also use for making a UPS in home. In this post i am sharing a complete UPS internal wiring diagram. In which the controlling kit, UPS module, UPS transformer, outlet, fuse, on/off switch etc are shown.

In the below "UPS/inverter how to make diagram" all the connection shown step by step

how to make ups inverter at home diagram

In the above UPS/Inverter transformer, the transformer bobbin size is 2'' x 3''. The 19 SWG and 11 SWG used in coil.  The Winding turns and winding formula shown in above diagram. I hope after this diagram now you will be complete understood the complete UPS (uninterruptible power supply) wiring. This below articles and diagrams also help you..  Note that this is a Desi UPS wiring diagram.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

This post is about the dol starter diagram. As you know that dol starter is a starter which contain a magnetic contactor, overload protection relay and NC/NO push button switches. I also share the dol starter wiring diagram. In which I shown the MCCB circuit breaker (molded case circuit breaker) magnetic contactor and thermal overload relay and complete controlling and power wiring. In the today dol starter diagram. I will only shown the symbol type diagram. This diagram contain the complete wiring of a direct online starter.

DOL (Direct Online Starter) Wiring Diagram

dol starter diagram
In the above dol starter diagram. The R,Y,B is the three phase 380 volts supply. The coil of the contactor is 380 VAC. And the normally open and normally close push button shown. the contactor connection with thermal overload relay and the motor connection with overload relay is shown. Also the earth connection is provided to the motor.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

3 phase current transformer wiring diagram for 3 phase load (ampere) testing. As you know that we use the current transformer to measure the current. For testing the current (ampere) running to load we use two types of amp meter. In which one series type which is wired in series between load and supply. And 2nd is a current transformer type which is wired with a current transformer to measure the current. We can wire a current transformer for single phase and also for 3 phase. The current transformer is always used for line ampere testing. For 3 phase system ampere testing every Line have their own current transformer. And these current transformers further connected with 3 ampere meter or one ampere meter and ampere testing selector switch.

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How to 3 phase current transformer wiring diagram with ampere meter

Note that if your ampere meter is 100/5A then used only 100/5A ratio current transformer. In the below 3 phase current transformer wiring diagram with amp meter. 3 CT coil, and Amp testing meters shown. The current transformer wiring for each meter.

3 phase current transformer wiring diagram

You can wired the current transformer for three phase system as shown in above diagram. However if you want testing 3 phase ampere with only one ampere meter. Then use ampere selector switch with current transformer. For that you need to wire the all 3 current transformer with amp selector switch. And from the selector switch the two wire supply will goes to ampere meter. From the selector switch you can test at each line(phase) ampere.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

This post is about the 4 way switch wiring diagram. A 4 way switch is a type of switch which is used for switch off/on a light or other electric devices from multiple places. Today in this below 4 way switch wiring diagram. A light is controlled from 3 places. This light bulb can be switch on/off from each switch. For example if a person switch on the light bulb from the first switch then he/she can switch off it from 2nd or 3rd switch.

How To wire a 4 way switch diagram

In the below 4 way switch diagram, a light bulb is control from 3 switches. The first and 3rd switches are 3 way switch, (note that it's also known with name of 2 way switch). And 2nd switch is a 4 way switch.
The neutral wire is shown black color and line wire with red color. The green color is used for earth or ground wire.

4 way switch wiring diagram

I hope this diagram help you very much if you want to learn how to do stair case wiring then the below post and diagram is for you.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Forward reverse starter with timer 3 phase motor wiring diagram. In my last posts I share the wiring diagram of forward reverse three phase motor starter and also the 8 pin timer wiring diagram. This post is about the main and control wiring of forward reverse starter with timer. In the below diagram the main wiring for 3 phase motor is also shown and control wiring is also shown. In the diagram two magnetic contactor shown which coil operated on 220 volts. You must need the neutral wire. However if your magnetic contactor coil is operated on 380 volts then you do not need neutral wire. In the forward reverse starter with timer diagram. The thermal overload relay shown, a normally close push button and two normally open push button shown.

Forward Reverse Starter with Timer 3 Phase Motor Wiring Diagram

In the below forward reverse with timer starter diagram. The timer is used for automatic off (or automatic switch off the motor when the motor complete his running time.

forward reverse starter with timer 3 phase motor wiring diagram

All the wiring connection of forward reverse starter with timer shown. The timer is used only for one contactor. And timer will only switch off one contactor with its complete his time. The control wiring of starter is shown clear to understand. If you want need more help then also read the below post.

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I hope after reading all the related wiring diagram with forward reverse with timer starter diagram. Now you will be understood. However if you have any question according the post then you can ask in below commenting section.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Shunt trip breaker wiring diagram, This post is about the single wiring diagram of mccb shunt trip breaker. In the diagram a MCCB (molded case circuit breaker) shown which is wired for 3 phase system. The breaker shunt trip coil is controlled by the emergency switch. Which is also known with the name of kill switch.

MCCB Shunt Trip Breaker Wiring Diagram With Kill Switch

shunt trip breaker wiring diagram

In the above MCCB shunt trip breaker wiring diagram. The incoming 3 phase 4 wire system supply shown. The shunt breaker is 3 pole. Which is used for 3 phase system. But the coil of shunt is 220 VAC. So neutral is required also. The neutral wire is connected to the shunt coil. And line wire is controlled with kill switch. The kill switch normally open contacts are used. Also the symbol diagram is shown.

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