How to Control Motor From Two Places

This post is about the “how to control motor from two places” diagram. To control a single-phase motor from two places, here I show a simple motor wiring diagram with two-way switches, MCB circuit breaker, and magnetic conductor. To control a single-phase motor from two places, we can also use the Push button switches, but here I did not show the push button switches, I showed the two-way switches.

how to control motor from two places

In the above controlling motor from two places diagram, I show the neutral wire as “black colour”, line wire as “red colour” and earth wire as “green colour”. The magnetic conductor is a two-pole with auxiliary contacts as shown in the diagram. The Neutral wire is connected directly to the input side main contact and coil contact (A2). (note that the A1 and A2 are coil contacts of magnetic conductor.

The Line wire is connected to the Single pole MCB circuit breaker and from the MCB circuit breaker, the line wire connects to the first two-way switch “common terminal” and the conductor input side other terminal. Two blue colour wires are connected between two-way switches as shown in the above diagram.  From the 2nd switch “common” terminal a wire goes to the contactor “A1”. So the magnetic conductor is controlled by both switches.  From the outside terminals of the conductor, the supply goes to the single-phase motor. The Ground or earth wire is also connected to the motor which is shown in the diagram as a “Green colour”.

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