Fridge Compressor Overheating And Shutting Off Problems And solutions

Refrigerator/Fridge Compressor Overheating And Shutting Off Problems

This post is about the “fridge compressor overheating and shutting off” problem. The refrigerator or fridge compressor overheating is caused by the dirty condenser, low or over voltage issue, a faulty condenser fan, compressor “starting relay” problem, the compressor is faulty, or may other head sources near with compressor. These are the usual problems of overheating the compressor however in the post we will discuss more issues and also how to cool down an overheated refrigerator compressor.

fridge compressor overheating and shutting off

Compressor overheating due to dirty condenser

The condenser is the main part of the refrigerator cycle where the hot refrigerant converts to liquid form and releases the heat. If the condenser is dirty it means that it’s not able to complete its duty and due to this refrigerator compressor starts overheating and shutting off.

For that problem, we need to clean the condenser and make a distance from the wall.


The condenser fan is faulty

In some refrigerator systems we have a condenser cooling fan and if the refrigerator condenser cooling fan stops working the condenser can not reduce its heat and due to this, the compressor starts heating up.

For that we need to check the fan connection, that the supply is properly provided to the fan or if the fan is faulty then we need to replace the fan.

Voltage is low or high

The refrigerator compressor is designed for a specific voltage. And if we provide the voltage high or low, then the compressor motor not working properly and generates heat. For example, if a compressor is designed for 180 VAC to 240 VAC. And if the supply voltage is 150 or 260 volts. Then the compressor can not work well and it’s will overheat and shut off.


Compressor Starting relay or capacitor is faulty

The “compressor overheating problem” is not linked with the compressor starting relay because the relay is work is to start the compressor and if the compressor is starting properly then it means the starting relay is working and not faulty. But I suggest also checking the “starting relay” and checking the compressor with a new relay. In the compressor a capacitor is used with starting relay, so also check the capacitor


Too Much Refrigerant

If too much refrigerant fills the refrigerator system, too much refrigerant makes the compressor heat up and you need to reduce the refrigerant from the refrigerator system.

The compressor is near with external heat source

If your refrigerator or fridge is near an external heat source such as an electric or gas heater, or with a dryer vent, it’s can heat up the fridge compressor. You need to place your fridge in a cool place with external heat sources that are not placed near with compressor or condenser.


Fridge Compressor is faulty

Sometimes our compressor is faulty and we need to replace the compressor, so make sure that you test your compressor winding. For that, you can read the below articles.

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