Refrigerator – Fridge Thermostat Wiring Diagram Guide

In this post, you will learn about the fridge thermostat wiring diagram and installation, as you know that we use refrigerators in our daily life, in the refrigerator/fridge we have a knob switch which is a movable switch from which we can control the coldness. We can easily make it colder or cool from this knob. This is called a thermostat switch and in this post, you will learn about thermostat wiring connection complete guide which is a very simple connection. This connection is done in every refrigerator and air conditioner, There are different types of thermostat switches regarding wiring connection and regarding temperature.
The working thermostat in the refrigerator/fridge or air conditioner switch off the compressor when the machines complete the coiling range.

Fridge Thermostat Wiring Diagram – Fridge Thermostat Connection

In the Thermostat switch, we have two types of connection, which one is for the main and the other for outgoing to the compressor, in some thermostat switches we have a main or common connection with two terminals in which one is for incoming supply and other one for light.
In some thermostats, we have only two connections in which one for incoming and the other on is for outgoing to load or compressor.
fridge thermostat wiring connection is done in series connection, which means that this is installed between the compressor and supply current.
In the fridge, the supply one wire goes to the PTC relay and the other one goes to the thermostat from which the 2nd wire goes to the compressor. Direct cool refrigerator and no frost refrigerator wiring is different but if we talk about fridge thermostat wiring diagram and connection, so the same in both.
Now lets’ the below fridge thermostat instillation/connection diagram for a complete understanding.

Refrigerator Thermostat Wiring Diagram

In the above diagram, I have shown how to wire a ref thermostat, but this is only a basic diagram and we will publish a complete refrigerator diagram soon. However, from this diagram, you get an idea about fridge thermostat installation. One thing, more in the above fridge thermostat diagram I have shown an electric plug which is refrigerator plug and from which I connect one wire to the compressor and 2nd to the thermostat switch and from the thermostat, I connect it to the compressor. In compressors, we use a PTC relay and overload protector which are also important parts of refrigerators, so for better understanding kindly read the below posts.

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I hope after this article now you will completely understand the fridge thermostat wiring diagram/connection. However IN SHA ALLAH soon I will design complete ref/fridge diagrams.

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