3-Pin Socket Wiring Diagram

Today in this post you will learn about 3-pin socket wiring which very useful wiring connection in-home wiring. In this post, I am sharing with you three-pin socket or electrical power outlet wiring diagrams.

Why three-pin socket wiring connection is important

Because this is a power socket and we can use it for high load. This outlet has earthing point we can wire the earth wire with this socket.

How to Wire 3-pin socket

In three pin socket, we have 3 connecting points where we connect the supply wires or electric wires. These are E, N, L connections. In these E for Earth wire, N for Neutral wire, and L for Phase wire.
So to wire the power socket first of all switch off your incoming supply by using the main circuit breaker and the start wiring.

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After switching off the breaker connect the neutral wire to the N point, the Phase wire to the P or L point and the Earth wire to the E point as shown in the below diagram.

3 pin socket wiring diagram
I hope after the diagram, you will completely learn the 3-pin socket wiring, now if you have any questions then do ask me.

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