Fridge Compressor Not Working Problems

Fridge Compressor Not Working – How to fix

This article is about the “fridge compressor not working” and in this post, you will discuss common problems of a refrigerator compressor. As you know, a compressor is the backbone of the refrigerator system and if a compressor stops working, then the fridge stops working.
fridge compressor not working


Compressor overload protector or relay capacitor start

The overload protector is a protective device that we used to protect the compressor from over-current flow to the compressor. The electric power is applied to the compressor motor winding throw overload protector.
The overload protector can be checked easily using a multimeter with a connectivity test. If the meter showed the connectivity. it means that overload is effective and if connectivity is not shown or shows high resistance then the overload protector is defective. And you need to replace the overload protector with the same rating. But before replacing the overload protector, you need to test the compressor motor winding first.
Refrigerator compressors have also a “starting relay”, PTC relay or Current type relay. In PTC (positive temperature coefficient) relay, we have a heating resistor that provides starting voltage (torque) to the compressor starting winding and then makes an open circuit with supply and “starting winding”.
To test the PTC relay, you need to test the resistance between two points, mostly the resistance between two points between 10Ω ohm to 30Ω ohm. Then the PTC relay is good, mostly a running capacitor is used with PTC Relay. If the capacitor not working properly then change the capacitor. This capacitor provides a high starting voltage to compressor motor winding.
If the Current type relay is used, test the relay points, a starting capacitor is mostly used with the current-type relay. Change the capacitor if the capacitor is faulty or the relay is faulty then change the relay also.

Thermostat Switch & Temperature Control Switch or Cooling Control Switch

The thermostat switch is a temperature control switch. The supply of compressor and fan is pass throw from thermostat switch. Mostly located in the fresh food section with a control panel. The temperature adjustment knob switch is attached to the thermostat switch. If the thermostat switch is defective then the compressor and fan will not start. To test the thermostat switch, first of all, remove your refrigerator from the electric supply. Then open the control panel and test the thermostat at two points with a connectivity test. if the meter shows the connectivity, the thermostat is working state. if not then replace the temperature control switch.

Electronic Control Board

In Some refrigerators, an electronic control board is used with sensors that control the compressor, fan and defrost system. Also, test the electronic control board that the supply is properly coming to the control board and control board working properly. If the control board is faulty, you can replace or repair the control board.

The compressor motor is defective

If the electric supply comes to the compressor and the compressor starting relay and overload protector are not faulty then test the compressor. To test the compressor motor winding, you need a multimeter to test the resistance of start and run common winding. The below posts can help you more to understand the testing of compressor winding and identify the single-phase compressor terminals.

The fridge Compressor starts But gets High Current

In some cases, the compressor starts but gets a high current, if your electric supply voltage, relay and capacitor are not defective then your compressor motor winding is burned and you need to replace the compressor.

Refrigerator Compressor Running but not Colling

Sometimes the compressor runs properly but the system not producing any cooling. In this case, the compressor pump is not working or gas leakage problem. In this case, call a professional and test the compressor.

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