What is Refrigeration? How Coldness made in Ref System?

Today I am writing a basic post about refrigeration, in this post will know about what is refrigeration and how can we make produce coldness in the refrigeration process. As you know refrigeration is a big branch of science and it’s also a part of electrical technology but it is also another big technology.


What is Refrigeration?

The process by which we can produce coldness is called refrigeration or in simple words the method by which we can produce cooling and safe food and fruits for little long time. Or we can also say that it is” the method from which we can transfer the heat from a mass to air and water.

what is refrigeration system


How to produce coldness in Refrigeration?

In a ref/ refrigerator machine, in a part vapours make from the liquid which is called the evaporator. In this process, the liquid got heat from the metal for changing in the vapours and the surface becomes cold.
We can say that the procedure in which we can change the liquid to vapours for making coldness is called the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system can be done by different methods and further, and we will write about it soon.

I think you did not understand why refrigerator coldness is produced, I want to share with you a short example which help you more.
For example, if you drop petrol on your hand, you will see that in a short time the petrol change into vapours or air and you will feel cold, it means that the petrol requires heat to change itself to air and petrol got the heat from your hand. Same the refrigeration cycle and system working on this system.

Advantages of Refrigeration

Before refrigeration and air condensation innovation, we can not use food, meat, vegetables, or fruits for a long time and we can only use them for some hours. After the innovation of refrigeration now we can use it for a long time. Before Ref we can not make cooling in a room easy but after refrigeration technology come we can do it very easily and in a short time. That is the power of refrigeration technology.

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