How to Fix Refrigerator Compressor Not Running Problems

Today I am going to guide you about how to fix refrigerator compressor not running problems, which we mostly face. This is a complete guide to fixing fridge compressor not working or running problems. In this post, I am writing about the common problems of refrigerator compressors and how to fix these compressor problems step by step with a complete explanation.

Refrigerator Compressor Not Running Problems and How to Fix it

There are many problems which may cause of Ref or fridge compressor to stop working, but I try my best to cover some most common reasons. We will highlight it step by step…

refrigerator compressor not running

Mostly compressors or fridges not working in case of no incoming power supply, for this issue, first of all, check your main distribution board to check the breaker from which you get your supply for your refrigerator or for an electrical outlet which is in use for your REF. If the breaker is in an off or trip state then on it and if still it is trip again then check your supply line, maybe a short circuit in your supply. Now if you switch on the breaker and the breaker not tripping then check the outlet where your plug in the fridge plug, for testing the outlet (socket) the easiest method is to plug in the plug of other electrical appliances (i.e example stand fan, set the knob of multimeter for testing AC voltage and insert the meter testing leads to the outlet.) Now if the outlet has not received the power supply then change the outlet or fix the outlet problem. For that call a professional and if you can do this yourself then do it but carefully. Here are some posts which help you with outlets connection.

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The next common problem of the compressor not starting is that ” your fridge supply wire will be cut internally”, in this case, your refrigerator all machinery will not work, including the cooling fan, light etc. Note that in the above electrical supply problem the refrigerator will same problem and other devices cooling fan, light etc will not work too.

The other common reason for the compressor not running is that your fan internally light will be glowing but your compressor will not work, for that, I suggest you test first of all whether the internal thermostat that refrigerator thermostat is working or not working, As you know that thermostat is connected in series with compressor and supply goes through the thermostat, now if the thermostat is stop working and making an open connection then how can the electrical supply will run to the compressor. For that fix the refrigerator thermostat or change it.

In some cases, someone or mostly children move the thermostat knob to switch off direction, so first of all, check the thermostat switch and if this is an off direction then change the direction of the thermostat knob. One thing more that we use a thermostat switch for regulating the temperature and if your compressor starts only for some time and before making ice, the compressor is switched off, so in this case, your refrigerator thermostat switch is on low cooling, for that do setting of your refrigerator thermostat for high cooling.

Sometimes overload burns or cuts due to high current flow, this happened when the supply off and again ON in some seconds, and the ptc relay can no start the compressor again and the compressor gets a high current and overload cut internally. (This happened because when the compressor is running from the PTC internal heating resistor heated and make a high-level resistor shape between the run and starting terminal. As you know that PTC relay heating resistor provides a starting current from the run terminal to the start terminal for a small time and when it provides current to the start terminal its heats up and due to heat up the heating Resistor makes high resistance and stops the current from run to start.)

So test the thermal overload protector by using the multimeter and if the thermal overload has connectivity between two points then your thermal overload is working and have no internal problem but if the thermal overload is internally open then change it. (Note that when the thermal overload temperature is high it makes an open circuit, so the best method is to cool the thermal overload protector and when it’s cool test it by using the multimeter.

PTC Relay is the main part which starts the fridge compressor When the PTC relay stop working the compressor also stops running. So if your PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) relay is not working or burned then change to the same type of relay.

The capacitor is also one of the reasons for the refrigerator compressor not running. Sometimes we use a capacitor with a capacitor start relay which makes a strong starting current for starting the compressor. There are two types of capacitors which we use with refrigerator compressors with relays which are starting capacitors and running capacitors. And if the capacitor not working then change the capacitor with the same type of capacitor.

Due To Low Voltage
Voltage is also one of the reasons which make refrigerator compressors not run, so use a voltage regulator or voltage stabilizer to provide the same ratio voltage which the compressor needs to start.
I hope this article helps you fix your refrigerator compressor not running problems, however, if you still face any fridge compressor not running or working problems then you can ask in below comments section.

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