Testing Water Heater Element Using Multimeter or Ohm meter

As you know that I also published a post about the wiring of the water heater, today I am writing about testing the water heater element. As you know that we use a water heater element for heating water. The testing of water heater elements using a multimeter or ohm meter is a too simple connection. So let’s start step by step. As you know that electric water heater we use two or one elements for heating water. If two elements and the water heater stop producing the heating then you can test or check your upper or down water element by using this method which I am going to share with you in this post

Testing Water Heater Element Using Multimeter or Ohm Meter

Before I am telling you about the process of testing, first we get to step one which is protection. So the first switch of the circuit breaker from your main distribution board which you used for the water heater or if you don’t know which breaker controls the wiring connection of the water heater then switch off the main circuit breaker and then start work.

Now remove the water heater element from the water heater thermostat and then set your multi-meter knob on connectivity testing. Or set your multimeter on ohm testing or diodes testing. Then connect your testing leads to water heater element terminals or connection points as shown in the below diagram.

testing water heater element

So if the meter did not show any reading like the above diagram then it means that the water heater element is cut internally. However, if it’s shown reading like below testing water heater element diagram.

test water heater element

In the above diagram, I have shown that the meter shows the resistance, so it means that your element is working fine however if your water heater is a shortage problem then test the shortage as shown in the below method.

how to test a heating element with a multimeter

For testing shortage in your water heater element, you need to connect a multimeter one testing lead to the connection terminal and another lead to the element body as shown in the above diagram. Note that if your multimeter showed the reading or connectivity as I have shown in the diagram then your heater element is internally short and you must change it. However, if it doesn’t show any reading then your element has no shortage problem and you can use it…..

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I think after this post you will not need more help testing the water heater elements using a multimeter or ohm meter. However, if you have any questions or any suggestions then you can use the below commenting system.

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