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Electric Water Heater Wiring With Diagram

Today i am writing about electric water heater wiring . I am writing about this post because in winter session we use hot and cool both water in our washroom and for other things. For heating water we use geyser and in which we use electric heater elements which heat the water. We use different type of electric heater element regarding voltage and regarding element type. We use water heater thermostat for controlling the water temperature. These thermostat we used for controlling the water heater element.
In this post i am gonna to share with some diagrams which clear your concept about the wiring of water heater geyser.

Electric Water Heater Wiring With Diagrams Explanation

In this post i am gonna to show some diagram form which you can learn how to wire water heater or you will be able to do the connection of water heater thermostat and element. Here i a shown a electric water heater geyser, in which two heater element instill  upper and lower. And also shown two thermostat switches but the upper thermostat switch is different from the lower element thermostat.

Both elements never on in same time and when the upper element is on working and when this element complete hotness it's range which is set up in thermostat. And when upper element work done the upper thermostat switch off the upper element and start supply to lower thermostat and through the lower thermostat the current will flow to lower element. This is called non simultaneous operation. Here i design the image diagram in which i shown the incoming supply neutral and phase which is connected thermostat and form upper thermostat the connection goes to the lower thermostat and water heater element.

electric water heater wiring diagram

Double Element Water Heater Wiring Diagram

Here i want to share with you electric water heater wiring symbol diagram, water heater wiring diagram which will help you in understanding. In the below diagram the upper element is ON and Lower heater element is OFF.

electric water heater wiring

When upper water heater element done his work, upper thermostat switch of the neutral wire to upper thermostat and provide the neutral wire to lower thermostat. As i shown in the below electric water heater wiring diagram.

water heater wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown that the upper water heater element is switched OFF and lower heater element is switch ON.  Note that these element is 220 volts ratings and you can also 440 volts heater elements but you need to provide the line supply, my mean to lines or two hot wires supply 440 volts.

Single Element Water Heater Diagrams

Now Here i design another diagram for single heater element water geyser, in which i shown only one element wiring. On thing more the below water heater thermostat is different then double element thermostat.

water heater element wiring diagram

In electric water heater we use a type of element which have fix with thermostat switch. These elements mostly use in my country Pakistan. And these is instill in the bottom of water geyser. We called this type of water geyser a simple type of geyser. In this types of geyser one heater element in instilled with thermostat. The thermostat switch have two connection point just lick a bulb socket or holder. You need to connect the power supply neutral and phase to thermostat terminals. You can regulate the temperate form the thermostat switch, i shown the diagram of this types water heater element.

water heater element wiring diagram

How to Control Water Heater ?

The best option to to control the water heater form the circuit breaker box, so if you did not want to control the water heater form the main distribution board (DB Box) then instill a double pole MCB circuit breaker with water heater geyser. So i suggest to read the below posts.

How to wire and control electric machine form double pole breaker?
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Message :

I hope you learn, how to wire water heater element with thermostat. Now i hope you understand the electric water heater wiring and it's water heater wiring diagram.

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