How To Wire A Room In House Diagram

In this post, I am gonna share with you a room wiring diagram in which I have shown the complete electrical wiring installation. This a simple and basic guide and in this room electrical wiring diagram I showed an electric board which consists of two electrical outlets, 3 switches and one dimmer switch. The distribution supply comes to the board and from the board, it’s connected to the bulb sockets and ceiling fan. I have also shown the power socket outlet / 3-pin socket wiring for which I get another connection from the DB board which will be used for electrical heavy loads.

How To Wire  A Room / Room Wiring Diagram

The below room wiring is too simple a connection example, first I want to show you the room’s electrical wiring diagram and after that, I will explain every part of the room wiring diagram.
how to wire a room
In the above room electrical wiring diagram I have shown an electric board in which I showed two outlets 3 “one-way switches” and one dimmer switch. Note that this is a simple wiring installation diagram for one room in which I have shown the wiring connection of two light bulbs and one ceiling fan connection. I also showed the wiring connection of 3 pin socket/power outlet. For a complete understanding of the above wiring, the room follows the below steps. 

  • First of all, switch Off the main circuit breaker in the distribution board and then start work.
  • Get the neutral and phase wire for room connection from the distribution board.
  • Then connect the neutral wire to outlets, bulbs and ceiling fan as I showed in the above diagram. (in the above diagram I denoted the neutral with “N” and with black colour).
  • Then connect your phase (hot wire/ red colour wire) to the switches and to outlets as shown in the above diagram.
  • Then provide the hot wire from the switch to the bulb and form 2nd switch to bulb 2. Then connect the hot wire from a one-way switch to a dimmer speed controller switch and then from a dimmer switch connect the hot wire to the ceiling fan as shown in the above diagram.
  • If the board base body is made from metal then connect the earth (green wire) to the board body base.
  • Do the power outlet / 3-pin socket connection as shown in the above room wiring diagram but get this supply from the distribution board.
  • When you have done it make sure that you have done all connections correctly.
  • Now switch ON the main circuit from the DB board.
However, after doing wiring in-home or room we follow some testing methods, IN SHA ALLAH soon I will write about this. Now I hope you learn about the room wiring diagram and now if you will be able to wire a room House wiring.

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