Light Indicator Wiring Diagrams For 3 Phase

In the power wiring or 3-phase 4-wire system, we used the 3-phase power of all-electric induction motors, equipment, etc, but we did not ignore the neutral wire or ground wire. In many places, we required the neutral wire to complete the circuit. But This is also important to know about our lines or 3 phases that these 3-phase wires properly working or are every phase incoming supply coming properly and not cut or broken in the main power supply wire. So it this very important to test or know about our 3-phase supply coming properly, that we use led indicator and this post is also about the indicator wiring diagram.
Yes, this connection is very important and we do it any every main 3-phase panel board. In this post, I will share 2 diagrams about led light indicator wiring, ” which one is image+diagram and the second is symbol diagram.

How To Wire Led Light Indicator For 3 Phase 4 Wire System

So first we discuss the image diagram which I make for your better understanding. 220 led indicator required 220V electric supply and I have also shown below 220 volts light bulb indicators with 3 phase 4 wire supply.
In the AC indicator, we have two terminals or links where we connect the electric supply, So we do this wiring for 3 phase that’s why we will wire 3 light indicators. In this connection first, we connect neutral/ground wire to all indicators and then we connect one – one phase to indicators as shown in the below diagram.

light indicator wiring diagram

The above image diagram is only for your better understanding, But I know that you can not learn completely from the above-led indicators diagram, that’s why I also designed an indicator symbol wiring diagram which I have shown below.

led indicator wiring diagram

In the Above symbol diagram, I showed a 3-phase power 440 volts source with three 220 volts light indicators, note that between neutral and phase the voltage will be 220V, and between two-phase voltage will be 440 volts but this is only for some places.
Wired indicators for 3 phases as I have shown in the above diagrams.

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I hope after these two indicator wiring diagrams, you will completely understand, however now if you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask me in the below comments section.

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