How To Install UPS & Inverter Wiring In 2 Rooms?

For emergency AC power supply we use inverter / UPS, which work very well for the low load. In some countries like Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan electricity load shedding is a big problem and its salutation is only two which are AC syncornas generator and Inverter / UPS(uninterruptible power supply) but UPS are a good choice for a low load. In this post, I will teach you about inverter/UPS wiring or the installation of an emergency power supply in two rooms from an inverter.

How to Install UPS / Inverter wiring in 2 rooms?

I also published a post about inverter installation in one room or office but in my last post, I wired outlets with light bulbs and a ceiling fan with 12 volts inverter But is this post I will show you that how to wire 2 rooms from 24 volts or two batteries inverter.
This is a complete guide about inverters and batteries installed in your home but it is not a pool stop (.) and INSHA ALLAH soon I will design more diagrams about this topic.

UPS inverter wiring diagram


I hope you understood all things which I have shown in the above diagram, however for your better understanding, I am lighting this diagram shortly.
In the above inverter/UPS wiring diagram, I have shown 24 volts inverter/UPS with 2 batteries with an incoming power supply and an outgoing power supply from an inverter.

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In the diagram, I showed 2 rooms in which I have shown 2 energy saver bulbs and one ceiling fan in each room. As I told you in my last post that in UPS/inverter wiring the neutral will be common for both supplies. A line wire will be taken from the inverter, however, you can get a neutral wire from the UPS output outlet.
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Do Follow the same method of wiring as I shown in the above diagram, and I hope you understood it completely after the UPS wiring diagram for 2 rooms/office. However, you can ask me questions regarding this post in the below comments section.

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