Current Transformer Installation For 3 Phase- CT Coil Wiring Diagram

As You know that I already published posts about the CT Coil current transformer installation wiring and installation with Ammeter. But in this post, you will learn about how to install the current transformers in three phase. As you know that always we need a ct coil and ampere meter in the main panel board for measuring amperes (Load). One thing in this post I will show you the image of three current transformer installations in the main power panel board.
Recently I capture an image of ct installation on a panel board. In the panel board, we use three colours for the three-phase power supply Red, Yellow and Blue and black neutral and green for the Earth connection. However, in this post, you will learn the installation and wiring connection of three CT – Current transformers and the wiring connection of ammeters.

Three Current Transformer installations – with Ammeters for Three Phase Supply

The connection of CT is too easy and the best place to the installation of CT in the electric power panel board is to connect it with incoming supply wires and connection. Mostly we use Copper Strips for the main sharing connection in the power board because we can easily get power connections from copper strips and better for high loads. In the below image, I show CT Coils installation with copper strips.

Current Transformer Wiring

So In the above image, I have shown how to install the CT coils for three-phase but this is just an image, not the full and complete ct coil wiring guide. As you know that I always try to teach completely and write a complete and simple post which easy to understand.
So how to connect it with ammeters, so for amp meter wiring learning I published a post and if you don’t read our last post then kindly read it before the below post. and then come to this page.

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Mostly we install an ammeter selector switch for three CT coils, from which can check all phases load with one ammeter I will also publish a post about this soon but here I the below CT diagram, I don’t use a selector switch because this is a basic post and after that, we will write with details in other time.

Current Transformer ammeter wiring - Ct coil wiring diagram

In the above diagram, I have shown three ammeter current transformers, in the above CT wiring diagram, I common a wire of all CT s, which means that I connect CT one connection with one another. I can also do it without connection with one another but the main reason behind this is that in real life we do our wiring like the above diagram in our main power panel boards. I showed three phase supply with red, yellow and blue colour lines. So in this post, you learn about the installation of a current transformer and IN SH ALLAH Soon I will write about the current transformer installation CT coils with Ammeter and voltage selector switch.

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