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Whenever we wired our home, we use electric power or share our electricity. Every time we want to find out the full load Ampere (A). That’s why I am sharing a digital ammeter wiring diagram with CT current transformer wiring connection.

Ampere means the load or the consumption of current of a circuit. Most people did not wire this meter at home but I think, these people did not know about the advantage of an ampere meter. So I talk about the load or consumption current. But the main question comes to a newbie person is that what is ampere.
We know that the flow of electrons in a conductor is called current, it’s unit Ampere and it is denoted by “I”.
Or We can say that if one coulomb of electron flow from one point to another point in one second time is called one Ampere (A).

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How To Digital PanelĀ  Ammeter Wiring With Current Transformer

As we know that for AC load testing we use a current transformer with an Ampere meter to measure Amps. Digital amp meters have 4 terminals or connection points with which two connection points for 220 voltage supply operate the display circuit. The other 2 are for the CT coil where we connect the current transformer wires. Hers is a digital ampere meter circuit diagram with CT.

Ammeter wiring diagram with a current transformer

I always try my best to make a simple and understandable diagram. As in the above ammeter wiring diagram, I have shown DAM with CT in incoming supply and out supply to load. Incoming supply means entering the electric wire where we get the electric power and ES to the load means where we use the E power.
Do this wiring circuit as shown above and it’s simple, however now if you want to ask any question regarding digital ammeter wiring with a current transformer then you can use the below comments area.

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