DOL Starter Diagram – Direct Online Starter for 3 Phase Motor

This post is about the dol starter diagram. As you know the dol starter is a starter that contains a magnetic contactor, overload protection relay, and NC/NO push button switches. I also share the dol starter wiring diagram. In which I have shown the MCCB circuit breaker (molded case circuit breaker) magnetic contactor and thermal overload relay and complete controlling and power wiring. In today dol starter diagram. I will only show the symbol type diagram. This diagram contains the complete wiring of a direct online starter.


DOL (Direct Online Starter) Wiring Diagram

dol starter diagram

In the above dol starter diagram. The R, Y, B is the three phase 380 volts supply. The coil of the contactor is 380 VAC. And the normally open and normally close push button shown. the contactor connection with thermal overload relay and the motor connection with overload relay is shown. Also, the earth connection is provided to the motor.

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