Magnetic Contactor Animation Diagram

As we know that we use a magnetic contactor for many types of control systems, in this post you will watch a magnetic contactor animation diagram. In the magnetic contactor working animation, you will see the internal working structure of a contactor. In the contactor animation diagram, the contactor’s internal main contacts and auxiliary contacts are shown. Here you can see the contactor animation diagram part 1.

magnetic contactor animation diagram


In the above magnetic contactor internal structure diagram, the main contacts, iron core, coil, and

auxiliary contacts are shown.

This is the first part of the magnetic contactor animation, now let’s move to the second diagram. In the below magnetic contactor animation diagram is shown that the contactor coil is energized and the motor/load is started.

magnetic contactor animation

Now I hope the above magnetic contactor animation diagram helps you to understand the working principle of a magnetic conductor. And after this diagram now you will be fully understood how a magnetic contactor works. Now if you have any questions regarding this contactor animation wiring diagram then you can easily submit your question in the below comments box.

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