How to Wire a Plug Socket

The wiring of a plug socket is too simple and easy but a beginner E technology student did not do it himself until he learned. Some years ago learning was too hard and a person can not learn electric wiring without doing a practical job with an electrician or without learning in the institute but now you can learn it easily using the Internet. Today is the day of the new year and this blog is a gift from me for all people.
So this post is about the wiring of a 2-pin plug socket and in this post, you will completely learn how a person wires a plug socket.

AC supply: 110 to 220 volts
Plug Socket: 1 two-pin socket

Method of wiring of two-pin plug socket :
This is too simple, ‘ first, connect the neutral wire to one of the terminals of the plug socket and then connect the phase wire to the 2nd terminal of the socket as shown in the below image/diagram.

wiring of plug socket with symbol diagram

In the above example diagram, I have shown how can you wire a socket easily, remember first switch off your incoming supply circuit breaker and then start wiring.

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