How to wire a Double Pole MCB Circuit Breaker

This post is about the wiring method of a double pole circuit breaker and this post has a double pole circuit breaker wiring diagram that helps you understand this type of wiring connection. We use circuit breakers mostly for switching in electric wiring for complete home supply, room supply, air conditioner, water electric motors, etc. Note that install and wire circuit breakers regarding your load (Amp).
So this post is about the wiring of the double pole circuit breaker.

Requirements :
Circuit Breaker :1 Double Pole / 2 pole circuit breaker
Electric supply: 220 volts of supply
Electric cable: For outgoing supply

Tools required :
Screwdriver set

Method of Wiring of Double Pole Circuit Breaker with a diagram :

First of all switch off your incoming supply breaker if your incoming supply has no breaker you are going to install the first breaker then connect first the outgoing supply wires to the breaker and then connect the incoming supply carefully as shown in the below image/diagram.

double pole mcb wiring diagram 

If you can do it yourself then do it with an expert person, and if want to learn electric wiring completely then do it yourself but remember this is a dangerous job. In the above double pole breaker wiring diagram, ‘ i have shown the symbol of a 2 C breaker with an electric supply.
However, if you didn’t understand any part of this connection wiring then you can ask me in the comments section below.
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