How to Wire 3 Pole MCB Circuit Breaker

Today this post is about the 3-pole MCB circuit breaker wiring, in this post I will share with you an image and diagram which I have shown in the coming 3-phase supply and outgoing supply. For three phase supply, we use colours Red, Yellow and Blue.
Why I share this post about 3-phase supply circuit breakers, the only reason for this post you learn something about 3-phase wiring, further, I will share posts about complete 3-phase wiring.
In this post, I only share images/diagrams with you for your better understanding. I hope this will help.

Method of Wiring of 3-Pole MCB Circuit Breaker


Requirements :

Electric supply : 3 Phase supply
Circuit Breaker: three pole breaker
Electric Cable

In the below image, I show 3 pole circuit breaker wiring with 3 phase supply, however, you can use it for 2 phase and neutral. The wiring of both is the same. In the below image, I show how to wire 3 pole C breakers with 3 phase supply.

3 pole MCB wiring diagram

In the above example image, I did not show the neutral wire, however soon in my new post, I will write about the 4-pole circuit breaker wiring.

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Now come to the diagram and symbol wiring of the 3 pole breakers. In the below diagram, I showed the symbol of the three pole breakers with incoming supply and outgoing supply and I hope that you will completely understand.

wiring method of three pole circuit breaker with symbol

I hope now you completely learned the wire of three pole breakers. Now if you have any questions regarding this then do ask me in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “How to Wire 3 Pole MCB Circuit Breaker

  • October 11, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    From the KwHmeter there are only two wiring system supply to load. My question is. How to wire 3 conductor even there is only two wires? In three phase, center parts is a grounding? Where do i put for neutral?

  • October 14, 2016 at 3:00 am

    Dear there are two main types of kWh meter which single phae and 3 phase. In single phase we have 4 point in which 2 points for incoming service line and other two for out put. In 3 phase kWh energy meter we have 8 terminals in which 4 for incoming service line supply and 4 for the out put to load.
    In three phase 4 wire system wire is called 4 core or 5 core cable, in which red yellow, blue for L1 L2 L3 (Hot wires) and the black color wire for neutral and if the electric cable is 5 core the green wire for earth or ground.

    In you want to learn it completely about kWh meter connection then just serch in our we website search kWh and you will find the tutorials. And I hope these article / tutorials will help you to understand it…..


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