How to Wire a Room in Home Wiring

Every home has some rooms in which we do electric room wiring and when we have done it all we called it home wiring, this post is about how to wire a room and in this post, you will learn that how a person wires a room. In this article, I am going to share with you a room wiring diagram from which you completely learn how to do wiring in a room. So let’s start, in this wiring diagram, I wire 4 light bulbs, 1 ceiling fan from the switch and dimmer switch, fuse and indicator and 2 plug sockets.


Wiring A Room In-Home Wiring


Requirements :

AC supply: 110 to 220 volts
Fuse: 1 fuse
Indicator: 1 indicator
Ceiling fan: 1 ceiling fan
Switches: 4 one way switches
Dimmer switch: 1 dimmer switch
Plug sockets: 2 plug sockets, or 2 pin sockets
For this type of wiring in a room first of all switch off your main circuit breaker and then start your work and then do all wiring as shown in the below wiring image diagram. However let me explain, ” first connect the phase wire to the fuse and then connect the wire connection from a fuse to switches and plug socket as shown below. Then connect the neutral wire to plug sockets, and indicator lamps as shown in below. Then connect the neutral wire light bulb sockets and ceiling roos and after that do connection of bulbs and fan phase wire from switches and dimmer switch as shown in below image/diagram.

one room wiring diagram

I hope the above image helps you very much, however, I also design this wiring in a room diagram with symbols which is very helpful for better understanding. In the below room wiring diagram, I have shown one-way switch symbols, dimmer switch symbols, indicator lamp symbols, fuse symbols and plug socket symbols with AC supply and completed 1 room-wiring explanation.

room wiring diagram

I hope you will able to wire a room in your home, school etc after this post. Now if you have any questions regarding this post or this home wiring diagram then do ask me in below comments section below and if you learn some thing from this post or blog then it is your responsibility to share it with your friends on social media and other sharing platforms and Advance thanks for share and supporting us. Thank you.

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