How to Wire Electrical Outlets & Plug Sockets

The electrical outlet wiring/plug┬ásocket connection learning is very important for electrical students and just for that this post is about how to wire electrical outlets. For today’s post, I make an electrical outlets wiring diagram in which I have shown how to do the wiring of outlets/plug sockets. In this post you will learn how to wire electrical outlets / 2-pin sockets with AC supply, however, I will post soon about UPS wiring and the installation of electric home wiring.

Requirements :
Electrical outlet: 4 outlets / two pin sockets
AC supply: 110 volts OR 220 volts AC incoming supply

For socket & outlet wiring,” first of all switch off your main circuit breaker and then connect the neutral and phase wires to plug sockets shown in below image/diagram. Then Switch On your circuit Breaker

wiring of electrical outlet

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In the above diagram, I have shown the complete wiring method of electrical outlets or plug sockets, However, I want to share with you a video about instilling an electrical outlet which help you more. Watch the below video tutorial.

Now I hope you completely understood and now you can wire and install electrical outlets in your home. Keep visiting.

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