Wednesday, November 30, 2016

As you know that i also published a post about wiring water heater, today i am writing about testing water heater element. As you know that we use water heater element for heating water. The testing of water heater element using multi meter or ohm meter is too simple connection. So lets start step by step it. As you know that electric water heater we use two or one element for heating water. If two element and water heater stop producing the heating then you can test or check your upper or down water element by using this method which i am gonna to to share with you in this post

Testing Water Heater Element Using Multimeter or Ohm Meter

Before i am telling you about the process of testing, first we get step one which protection. So first switch of the circuit breaker form your main distribution board which you used for water heater or if you don't know which breaker is control the wiring connection of water heater then switch off the main circuit breaker and then start work.

Now remove the water heater element form the water heater thermostat and then set your multi meter knob on connectivity testing. Or set your multimeter on ohm testing or diodes testing. Then connect your testing leads to water heater element terminals or connection points as is shown in the below diagram.

testing water heater element

So if the meter did not shown any reading like above diagram then it's means that water heater element is cut internally. However if it's shown reading like below testing water heater element diagram.

test water heater element

In the above diagram i shown that meter shown the resistance, so it's means that your element is working fine however if your water heater is a shortage problem then test the shortage as shown in the below method.

how to test a heating element with a multimeter

For testing shortage in your water heater element, you need to connect a multimeter one testing lead to connection terminal and other lead to element body as i shown in the above diagram. Note that if your multimeter shown the reading or connectivity as i shown in the diagram then your heater element is internally shortage and you must change it. However if it don't show any reading then your element have no shortage problem and you can use it.....

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Message :
I think after this post you will be no need more help for testing water heater element using multi meter or ohm meter. However if you have any question or any suggestion then you can use the below commenting system.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Today i am gonna to to guide you about how to fix refrigerator compressor not running problems, which we mostly face. This is a complete  guide of fixing fridge compressor not working or running problems. In this post i am writing about the common problems of refrigerator compressor and how to fix these compressor problems step by step with complete explanation.

Refrigerator Compressor Not Running Problems and How to Fix it

There are many problem which may case of Ref or fridge compressor stop working, but i try my best to cover some most common reason. We will highlight it step by step....

refrigerator compressor not running

Mostly compressor or fridge not working in case of no incoming power supply, for this issue first of all check your main distribution board to check breaker from which you get your supply for your refrigerator or for electrical outlet which is in used for your REF. If the breaker is in off or tip state then on it and if still it is trip again then check your supply line, may be a short circuit in your supply. Now if you switch on the breaker and breaker not tripping then check the outlet where your plug in the fridge plug, for testing the outlet (socket) the easiest method is that to plug in the plug of other electrical appliances (i.e example stand fan, set the knob of multi meter for testing AC voltage and insert the meter testing leads to the outlet.) Now if outlet have not receiving the power supply then change the outlet or fix the outlet problem. For that call a professional and if you can do this him self then do it but carefully. Here some posts which help you about outlets connection.

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Then next common problem of compressor not starting is that " your fridge supply wire will be cut internally", in this case your refrigerator all machinery will not work, the cooling fan, light etc. Note that in above electrical supply problem the refrigerator will same problem and other devices cooling fan , light etc will not working too.

The other common reason of compressor not running is that your fan internally light will be glowing but your compressor will not working, for that i suggest you test first of all the internally thermostat that refrigerator thermostat is working or not working, As you know that thermostat is connected in series with compressor and supply goes through the thermostat, now if thermostat is stop working and making a open connection then how can the electrical supply will run to compressor. For that fix the refrigerator thermostat or change it.

In some cases, some one or mostly children move the thermostat knob on switching off direction, so first of all chick the thermostat switch and if this on off direction then change the direction of thermostat knob. One thing more that we use thermostat switch for regulating the temperature and if your compressor start only for some time and before to make ice , compressor is switch off, so in this case your refrigerator thermostat switch is on low cooling , for that do setting of your refrigerator thermostat for high cooling.

Some time overload burn or cut due to high current flow, this happened when the supply off and again ON in some seconds, and the ptc relay can no start compressor again and compressor get high current and overload cut internally. (This happened because when compressor is running form the ptc internal heating resistor heated and make high level resistor shape between the run and starting terminal. As you know that ptc relay heating resistor provide a starting current form run terminal to start terminal for a small time and when it's provide current to start terminal it's heat up and due heat up the heating Resistor make high resistance and stop the current from run to start.)
So test thermal overload protector by using the multi meter and if thermal overload have connectivity between two points then your thermal overload is working and have no internal problem but if the thermal overload is internally open then change it. (Note that when thermal overload temperature is high it's make an open circuit, so the best method is to cool the thermal overload protector and when it's cool test it by using the multi meter.
PTC Relay is the main part which start the fridge compressor, When ptc relay stop working the compressor also stop running. So if your PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) relay is not working or burn then change with same type of relay.

Capacitor is also one of the reason of  refrigerator compressor not running. Some time we use capacitor with capacitor start relay which make a strong starting current for starting compressor. There are two types of capacitor which we use with refrigerator compressor with relay which are starting capacitor and running capacitor. And if capacitor not working then change capacitor with same type of capacitor.

Due To Low Voltage
Voltage is also one of reason of  which make refrigerator compressor not running, so use a voltage regulator or voltage steplizer to provide the same ratio voltage which compressor need to start.

I hope this article help you fix refrigerator compressor not running problems, however if you have still face any fridge compressor not running or working problem then you can ask in below comments section.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today i am writing about electric water heater wiring . I am writing about this post because in winter session we use hot and cool both water in our washroom and for other things. For heating water we use geyser and in which we use electric heater elements which heat the water. We use different type of electric heater element regarding voltage and regarding element type. We use water heater thermostat for controlling the water temperature. These thermostat we used for controlling the water heater element.
In this post i am gonna to share with some diagrams which clear your concept about the wiring of water heater geyser.

Electric Water Heater Wiring With Diagrams Explanation

In this post i am gonna to show some diagram form which you can learn how to wire water heater or you will be able to do the connection of water heater thermostat and element. Here i a shown a electric water heater geyser, in which two heater element instill  upper and lower. And also shown two thermostat switches but the upper thermostat switch is different from the lower element thermostat.

Both elements never on in same time and when the upper element is on working and when this element complete hotness it's range which is set up in thermostat. And when upper element work done the upper thermostat switch off the upper element and start supply to lower thermostat and through the lower thermostat the current will flow to lower element. This is called non simultaneous operation. Here i design the image diagram in which i shown the incoming supply neutral and phase which is connected thermostat and form upper thermostat the connection goes to the lower thermostat and water heater element.

electric water heater wiring diagram

Double Element Water Heater Wiring Diagram

Here i want to share with you electric water heater wiring symbol diagram, water heater wiring diagram which will help you in understanding. In the below diagram the upper element is ON and Lower heater element is OFF.

electric water heater wiring

When upper water heater element done his work, upper thermostat switch of the neutral wire to upper thermostat and provide the neutral wire to lower thermostat. As i shown in the below electric water heater wiring diagram.

water heater wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown that the upper water heater element is switched OFF and lower heater element is switch ON.  Note that these element is 220 volts ratings and you can also 440 volts heater elements but you need to provide the line supply, my mean to lines or two hot wires supply 440 volts.

Single Element Water Heater Diagrams

Now Here i design another diagram for single heater element water geyser, in which i shown only one element wiring. On thing more the below water heater thermostat is different then double element thermostat.

water heater element wiring diagram

In electric water heater we use a type of element which have fix with thermostat switch. These elements mostly use in my country Pakistan. And these is instill in the bottom of water geyser. We called this type of water geyser a simple type of geyser. In this types of geyser one heater element in instilled with thermostat. The thermostat switch have two connection point just lick a bulb socket or holder. You need to connect the power supply neutral and phase to thermostat terminals. You can regulate the temperate form the thermostat switch, i shown the diagram of this types water heater element.

water heater element wiring diagram

How to Control Water Heater ?

The best option to to control the water heater form the circuit breaker box, so if you did not want to control the water heater form the main distribution board (DB Box) then instill a double pole MCB circuit breaker with water heater geyser. So i suggest to read the below posts.

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Message :

I hope you learn, how to wire water heater element with thermostat. Now i hope you understand the electric water heater wiring and it's water heater wiring diagram.

Friday, November 4, 2016

In this post i am gonna to share with you a room wiring diagram in which i shown the complete electrical wiring instillation. This a simple and basic guide and in this room electrical wiring diagram i shown a electric board which consist  two electrical outlets, 3 switches and one dimmer switch. The distribution supply comes to board and from the board it's connected to the bulb sockets and ceiling fan. I also shown the the power socket outlet / 3 pin socket wiring for which i get another connection from DB board which will be used for electrical heavy loads.

How To Wire  A Room / Room Wiring Diagram

The below room wiring is too simple connection example, fist i want to show you the room electrical wiring diagram and after that i will explain you ever part of diagram.

how to wire a room
Room electrical Wiring Diagram

In the above room electrical wiring diagram i shown a electric board in which i shown two outlets 3 one way switches and one dimmer switch. Note that this a simple wiring instillation diagram for one room in which i shown the wiring connection of two light bulbs and one ceiling fan connection. I also shown the wiring connection of 3 pin socket / power outlet. For complete understanding the below wiring room follow the below steps.

  • First of all switch of the main circuit breaker in distribution board and then start work.
  • Get the neutral and phase wire for room connection from distribution board.
  • Then connect the neutral wire to outlets, to bulbs and ceiling fan as i shown in the above diagram. (in the above diagram i denoted the neutral with "N" and with black color).
  • Then connect your phase (hot wire/ red color wire) to the switches and to outlets as i shown in the above diagram.
  • Then provide the hot wire form switch to bulb and form 2nd switch to bulb 2. Then connect the hot wire form a one way switch to dimmer speed controller switch and then from dimmer switch connect the hot wire to ceiling fan as i shown in the above diagram.
  • If the board base body is made form metal then connect the earth (green wire) to board body base.
  • Do the power outlet / 3 pin socket connection as i shown in the above room wiring diagram but get this supply from distribution board.
  • When you done it make sure that you done all connection correct.
  • Now switch one the main circuit form DB board.
However after doing wiring in home or room we follow some testing methods, IN SHA ALLAH soon i will write about this. Now i hope you learn about the room wiring diagram and now if you will be able to wire a room in House wiring.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In this post you will learn about checking compressor windings or testing compressor windings. As you that in refrigerator or fridge compressor we have a electric induction motor which rotate the pump. In fridge compressor mostly in rated in single phase which have 3 terminals. i already publish a post about the start, run and common identification guide on this blog.
Some time when our refrigerator compressor stop working or not running problem then we must called a professional to test compressor or refrigerator. But if you want to check your compressor him self then this post is for you.

In this post i am telling you about some main and common reason of compressor not working and about testing compressor methods. There are many problems which we face in electrical refrigeration system and due which or refrigerator or Air conditioner stop working. But this post specially about the check compressor motor winding.

checking compressor windings

Checking Compressor Windings Using Multi Meter

As you know that in single phase fridge or air conditioner compressor we have internally instill a single phase motor which consist two types of winding which we called main winding (ruining winding) and Auxiliary winding (starting winding). But if the compressor have receiving the power supply and still not working or running then may be it's starting capacitor or relay is not working. But if you want to test compressor winding then follow the below steps.
First of all i want to gave an example of fridge compressor

If you want to check your fridge compressor then flow the below steps.

  • First of all plug out the fridge main electric plug. or switch of the supply which is connected to the fridge. 
  • Then see the relay and find our that which one terminal is common, start and run. The common terminal will be connect to overload protector or connect direct to electric supply wire. (note that direct wire was connected in those single phase compressor, in which the overload protector is instill internally).

  • After that find out the run terminal, in ptc relay the 2nd supply wire will connect direct to the run terminals of compressor, my means that the the 2nd wire which connect to relay point and that point supply goes to direct a terminal of compressor will be your run terminal.

  • Now you find out the common and run terminal of fridge compressor. So the other wire will be start terminal, otherwise 2nd supply wire will be connect to start terminal through a capacitor or heating resistor. (note that heating resistor is instill internally in ptc rely).

  • Now you find and marked your compressor terminal. Now set your multi meter knob on connectivity text or Ohm. Now connect one lead of meter to compressor common and other connect compressor un insulated body place. Continue this process with start and run terminal.

  • Now if you find our the connectivity of winding and body then it's means that your compressor winding is short with compressor body or winding is uninsulated with iron core. And if have not connectivity between terminals and body. Then flow the next step.

  • The next step to test it's resistance between one another. Test the compressor by unsung below method . So first read the below post, and flow the method to test the compressor.

How to identify compressor terminals?

  • Now if your compressor terminals reading shown same as in the above post then your compressor winding is not burn or if it's shown different reading between common, start and run then your compressor winding is burn.

  • Now if compressor winding resistance shown same as i shown in the identifying compressor example then change your PTC (positive temperature coefficient thermistor) relay and com.. overload protector or capacitor and if still not working then call a professional.

Mostly in some compressor in which the common terminal is on upper side then left side will be start and right hand side will run terminal, and danfoss compressors in which the common terminal on down side the right side will be start terminal and left side will be run as i shown in the below diagram.

compressor terminals diagram

How To Test or Check Air Conditioner Compressor Motor Windings
  • Now if you want to check the Air conditioner compressor then it's also too simple, in air conditioner compressor we have label in which the R , S and C written or parked.

However if this rubber label is not available or removed then follow the below steps.

  • First of all, terminal of air conditioner compressor terminal is connect to overload protector or direct to supply wire is your common terminal. Mostly we use white or black color for common. The other supply wire will be connect to capacitor and to compressor terminal will be your run terminal, mostly in split unit AC the blue color wire is use for run terminal. And the other wire will be your start terminal which will be connect to capacitor. Mostly this red color wire used for start terminal connection.

  • Now set the multi meter on ohm or resistance tasting or use a ohm meter and check the compressor, follow the same method as we use for fridge compressor terminal. However lets see the example.

  • If your resistance between common and ruining is lower then resistance between common and starting then all is right and your compressor is winding is good condition and if that shown different result then compressor winding is burn or cross.

If it's shown good result then flow the steps.

  • Now test the compressor shortage between compr.... terminals with compressor body like fridge compressor and if the meter shown no reading then compressor winding is not shortage with body and if it's shown the reading then it's means that compressor windings is shortage with compressor body.

  • Now if you check compressor motor windings and not find any problem and still compressor did not run then change the capacitor and if still compressor not working then check the overload protector.

As you know that overload protector is connect to main terminal of compressor in series and if compressor overload protector stop working or internally open, the compressor is also stop working. However these are simple methods for checking compressor windings of single phase and now if you have any question then you can use the below comments section.