3 Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram with DOL Stater

Today I am here to share with you the 3 phase submersible pump wiring diagram. In which I control a three-phase submersible pump motor using a magnetic contactor. Not only a contactor but also install the thermal overload relay which will protect the motor from burning in case of overcurrent flow to the circuit. In the diagram, I showed the 3 Pole MCCB breaker, magnetic contactor, thermal overload protection relay, and normally open, and normally close push button switches. The 3-phase submersible pump motor and electric wiring connection. This will be the complete guide for controlling a three-phase submersible pump motor using a magnetic contactor.

3 Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram Explanation Complete Guide

Before I explain the diagram. I want to write about the device and things in this circuit. In-Circuit first we use the MCCB breaker. (Module Case Circuit Breaker)
We used a three-pole MCCB circuit breaker in the diagram. This circuit breaker will control all substances use in the circuit and we can switch on/off the electric power supply by using the three-pole circuit breaker. In the diagram, I did not control the neutral wire. However, if you want to control the neutral (N) black wire then you must use the 4-pole circuit breaker.
The next thing used in the circuit is the magnetic contactor. A contactor is a type of relay which we can use for different works. However, if you want to learn more about magnetic contactor basic explanation then the below guide is for you.
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The push-button switches used in the circuit are NC and NO switches. The normally open contacts switch will be used for starting the motor. And normally close contacts push button switch will be used to switch off the motor or load.

The next device used in the below 3-phase submersible pump wiring diagram is a thermal overload relay. Which we use to protect or switch off the motor or load during overcurrent flow. This device is available in different shapes and different values according to load. In thermal overload protector, we have to moveable ampere adjustable. From this, we can set up the ampere or load level.


Now come to the wiring connection of three phase submersible pump. This wiring connection is too simple just like our old diagram. I showed the three-phase motor controlled using a contactor and overload relay. You can also read and see the diagram by using the below link.

Three-phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram with a direct online starter

First, see the 3-phase submersible pump wiring diagram and after that, I will explain each step of the below connection diagram.
3-Phase Submersible Pump Wiring Diagram
In the above diagram, I showed the L1 L2 L3 and N wire incoming supply with red, yellow, blue, and black. The red, yellow, and blue for 3 phases and the black colour wire for neutral.• The incoming supply goes to the MCCB circuit breaker. I have shown the three poles MCCB breaker which is for controlling the three-phase power supply and you can switch ON/OFF by using the circuit breaker. Then the neutral wire is direct and if you want to control the neutral wire then use the 4-pole circuit breaker.

• In the above diagram I have shown the magnetic contactor which I also explain, the magnetic contactor wired after the circuit breaker. Click here to learn about the magnetic contactor.

• After the conductor, the connection is done between the contactor load main contacts and the thermal overload relay of the main input terminals.

• Phase wire connections come from the MCCB output terminals and are connected to the NC push button switch and then from the normally close switch, this connection goes to the magnetic auxiliary normally opens contacts. And to the normally open switch. The normally open switch wire will gees to the other side of the normally open auxiliary contact and the stator coil.

• The neutral wire connected to the normally close contact of the thermal overload relay. And from the other side of the thermal overload relay normally close contact wire goes to the other terminal of the magnetic contactor coil.

• In last, do the connection of 3 phase motor or three-phase submersible pump to the thermal overload relay main terminals.

• Also do the earth wire connected to the panel box and the motor.

I hope now you will be understood, however, if you have any questions according to the 3-phase submersible pump wiring diagram. You can ask your question according to the three-phase submersible pump wiring diagram in the below comment section.

One thing more the above diagram and text in only for the information base and in case of a wrong connection or if we do any mistake by creating this post or diagram, and due to any wrong connection we will not be liable for any losses. For more read our privacy and policy.

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    Is it correct to put a capacitor in the connection of a 3 phase submersible pump?

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