Automatic Water Level Controller Wiring Diagram For 3 phase

 Automatic Water Level Controller Wiring Diagram For 3-Phase Motor / Submersible Pump

This post is about the three water pump motor water level controller wiring diagram with thermal overload protected relay, magnetic contactor, 4 pole MCB circuit breaker, and water or liquid- controller. In the diagram, the overhead tank and underground tank connection are shown with the sensor. Note that this is an example of the wiring of a water level controller, the wiring of the controller can be different according to different types of automatic water level controllers.



Automatic Water/liquid – Controller Wiring with Magnetic Contactor

In the below automatic water level controller for 3 phase motor diagram. 3 phase 4 wire system supply shown. The 4-pole MCB is used for switching the supply or on/off the motor. The controller have also an on/off switch. The magnetic contactor is used as a starter for 3 phase motor and a thermal overload-protected relay is used for motor protection in case- of over-current flow. The connection of over-head tank sensors and underground tank sensors is shown with the controller. However, if want to use the controller with only one tank then make a wire connection with “C”, “UH” and “UL”. The controller will provide the electric supply to the magnetic contactor and the contactor will switch ON the motor. And when the water tank is full completely, The controller switches off the supply to the magnetic contactor. And the motor will be switched off. The same connection can be used with a submersible pump motor.

automatic water level controller wiring diagram for 3 phase

I hope this fully automatic water level controller wiring diagram for a three-phase motor with a magnetic contactor helped you. Now if you needed automatic water level controller wiring with a diagram for a submersible pump motor or with a direct online starter. Then you can tell me in below comments section. I will try my level best to provide the best answers.

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