3 Phase Compressor Winding Resistance How to Test

As you know that there are different types of compressors, single-phase, three-phase, DC inverter compressors etc. Today you will learn about 3 phase compressor winding resistance or how to test the 3 phase compressor. Before that, I have also written about testing single-phase compressors and how to identify the start, run and common in single-phase compressors.

3 Phase Compressor Winding Resistance – How To Test 3 Phase Compressor Winding

3 phase compressor winding resistance


In a 3 phase compressor or 3 phase motor, the winding has 3 sets, each set has the same resistance with one another. To test a 3 phase compressor resistance, or to test compressor or motor properly. First off switch off the electric supply, then remove the supply wires from the compressor. After that take an ohm testing meter or a multimeter which have ohm testing options.
Set your multimeter on ohm testing. Now you have 3 terminals or connection points. First of all test compressor winding resistance with compressor body. If the meter showed reading it means that your compressor winding insulation is damaged or winding or burn and you need to replace the compressor.
And if the meter did not show any reading, then test terminal “one” with terminals “two” and “three”. if all terminals are shown the same reading with one another then it means that winding is in good condition. My means that U V W has shown the same resistance with one another.
And if reading is different then it means that compressor winding is burn or cross-connection. And you need to change the compressor. Same this method you can use for 3 phase motor and for DC inverter compressor or DC brushless motors.
I hope the post helps you with the 3 phase compressor winding resistance testing using a multimeter. However, if you have any questions, then you can ask in below commenting system.

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