How To Wire Switch Controlled Outlet?

Today I am gonna guide you that how you can do wiring a switched outlet or how can you control a plug socket from a switch. In this post, I will complete guide you with diagrams and explanations. This wiring connection is very useful for safety because when you wire a switch with a plug outlet then a person can easily off and on it.

How To Wire Switch Controlled Electrical Outlet



Outlet: 1 Outlet / Plug Socket
Electric Supply: 220 volt / 110 volt
Switch: 1 Switch “switch type: one-way switch
Screw drive

For doing this type of wiring in your home or Room, first of all, switch off the main circuit breaker and then start your work. First of all, connect the neutral (N) wire to the outlet’s 1st terminal and then wire the Line wire (Phase) to the switch the first terminal and then connect a wire between the 2nd terminal of the plug socket and one-way switch’s 2nd terminal as shown in the below diagram.

wiring a switched outlet diagram
Controlled an outlet from the switch diagram

In the above explanation diagram, I have shown on one side switch controlled outlet with the image and on another side I show it with a symbol diagram. I hope this circuit helps you very much with E-learning, however, there are some posts which help and guide you more
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Now if you have any questions regarding wiring a switched outlet and its diagram then you can tell me by writing a short massage in the below comments section.

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