Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Wire Bulbs in Parallel?

Today you will learn about wiring lights in parallel with complete diagram, This type of wiring connection is used mostly in our daily life. In this parallel wiring diagram i shown three light bulbs with AC supply. Before i write about the diagram and wiring connection, " i want to write some about Parallel Circuit.

How to Wire Bulbs in Parallel

What is Parallel Circuit?

A parallel circuit is a circuit which have two or more then two paths of flowing current, In this circuit the voltage (V) will be same in every path of circuit and Current (Ampere) will be different.

Method of Wiring Bulbs in Parallel

For wiring lights in parallel circuit, first of all connect Line wire (well known with name of Phase wire) to all bulb sockets / holders one one terminals as shown in below image / diagram and then connect the Neutral wire (N) to the others terminals of bulb sockets as shown in the below diagram.
wiring lights in parallel diagram
How to wire bulbs in parallel?

In the about example diagram i explained the every part of this circuit with image and symbols, for better understanding i am gonna to share with a video tutorial, but before the video lets discus some advantage of parallel connection wiring.

Advantages of Parallel Circuit.

A parallel circuit have two or more then two paths of flowing current or completing circuit, e.g example if one of the about 3 bulb is fired or any other reason one bulb stop working then the two other bulb will continue the work which is best  for lighting system.
In this circuit the voltage will be same in every point of circuit and ampere will be different.

Video Tutorial 

There are many advantages of parallel CKT, further i will write about this, however for better understanding i share a video tutorial below, watch it for better understanding and i hope after video tutorial you will completely understood the parallel and series circuit.


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