A complete guide about wiring lights in series by a switch with diagram.
Last time i write about series circuit, today in this post i am writing about wiring of lights in series by one way switch. In this post i am gonna to share with you a image / diagram in which i shown that how a person wire 2 lights or bulbs in series by one way switch / single way switch.

How to Wire Two Lights in Series By Switch

Requirements :
Lights : 2 lights / bulbs
AC Supply : 220 volts
Electric cable

For wiring of 2 lights with one way switch or controlling two lights in series by switch," first of all connect the neutral wire to first terminal of light bulb socket / lamp holder and then connect a wire between lights sockets as shown in below diagram. Then connect the phase wire to one way switch and then connect a wire between switch and 2nd bulb socket as shown in below image.

lights wiring in series circuit with switch

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Now i hope you learn that how to wire two lights in series by switch. In above example diagram i shown the bulb socket / holder symbols with one way switch symbol for better understanding.



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