How to Wire a Dimmer Switch

In Electrical wiring we wire dimmer switches for ceiling fans, in this post you will learn dimmer switch wiring with a complete explanation diagram. In our last published wiring diagram, I published a post about ceiling fan wiring with a dimmer diagram. Today in this post I share with you a diagram which I find on a dimmer switch.
Last Friday I wired a room in my village and when I am going to install the dimmer switch, I find a wiring diagram on the dimmer switch which was designed by the company not by me but it can help you, and today I am gonna share this diagram with you.

Dimmer Switch Wiring Diagram

dimmer wiring diagram
Dimmer switch wiring diagram

In the above wiring diagram, two terminals of the dimmer are shown in which one for input and the second for output. We wired a dimmer in series between the electric supply and the ceiling fan. So as shown in the above diagram one wire goes to direct to the ceiling fan and the second wire goes to the dimmer and then to the fan.

Note that a dimmer will connect in series between the supply and fan. If you wire a dimmer and it’s not working then change your dimmer connection.

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Now if you have any questions regarding dimmer switch wiring or diagram then do ask me in below comment section.

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