How to Wire A Frequency Meter (Hz-Hertz)?

Today I feel that I am the number one who writes about ac frequency meter wiring for measuring hertz. In this post, you will learn about that how to wire a frequency meter or how to install a panel Hz meter. This meter we mostly wire and install in AC Power Generator, we can also call it an rpm meter.

What is a frequency meter?

We use this meter for measuring frequency, in mostly 110 volts usage places the frequency is 60 Hz and in 220 volts is 50 Hz. However, let’s know how to wire it.

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How to wire a frequency hertz meter?

The wiring of a Hz meter is too simple just like wiring a voltage meter or outlet. For wiring connect the neutral and phase (Line) to the meter connection terminals. I have shown neutral with N and phase with L in the below diagram.

frequency meter Hz meter wiring diagram

I hope you completely understood, in the above diagram I have shown that how to wire an Analog Hz meter, however soon I will post about the digital meter wiring diagram and installation.

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  • June 27, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    hello i need help…frequency meter have 2 connection…what is A connection and C connection.


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