What is Electricity? Complete Explanation Step By Step

As we know Electricity is a very important thing in everyone’s life, but most of us don’t know about that what is electricity in real. That’s why I am writing this post and I have written above that many people don’t know about electricity what is in reality, and you know that I was also one of them, I also did not know completely, but recently a friend + my teacher gave me a book to study this and I find out this question and topic on the first page and I start reading and you know I find out this is too interesting and I got some great knowledge about electricity which I am sharing with you in this post. I did not say that this is complete information about Electricity because no one knows about it completely from where electricity history started and also no one can learn the all branches of electricity because electricity knowledge is like a sea which has no end.

what is Electricity

What is Electricity? – A Complete Guide And Basic of Electricity

The question “what is electricity” comes into many people’s minds and many people relay don’t know about this. When we lighting at the properties and advantages of electricity, we find out there is no end and this thing makes us find out the correct answer to this question.

In simple words, electricity is a power which we can not see and don’t have a body and weight but we can feel only if we tech mistakenly electric wire, we feel a big shock.

If we said that electricity goes inside into electric bulb and makes the filament red and starts energizing but this is a bad example of this. However, we can say that the power of electricity makes energize the light bulb filament.
But we use many examples about electricity actions, For example, we get water for example, ” we can flow the water from one place to another place and we can also do this with electricity. As Water have a big power, electricity have also a big power, as we use pipes for flowing water from one place to another, just like this we use a conductor or copper wires for electric current flow.

But this is also not a good example and it’s not too related to electricity because water has there weight and body but Electricity does have not a body and weight. And if we touch the electricity, we feel a strong shock which proves that selectivity has internal great power and that power constrains the electric device to do work.

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Electron Theory :

Everything that has mass and takes up space is called matter. There are 3 types of matter Solid, Liquid and Gas. With the help of advanced query, we find out that everything in the universe is made from matter and matter is made from more smallest particles which we called Molecules. These molecules are also made from more smallest particles which we called atoms.

When Two or more atoms together make a molecule. Note that those substances whose molecules are made from the same atoms are called Elements and those substances whose molecules are made from different atoms are called compounds.

Structure of An Atom :

In the world everything is made from atoms, Basically, atoms are comprised of three types of particles which we called electrons, protons and neutrons.
Every atom has a centre called a nucleus which comprises neutron-proton and electrons. Electrons are surrounded by nucleus very quickly in orbits.
Electrons have negative charge (-) and protons have  positive charge(+).

structure of atom animation


The Flow of Electric current :

In the Atom’s outer shell electrons have a weak gravity with the nucleus and can be easy separate free electrons from the atom. As you know an atom is also the smallest particle which has a high number of electrons, in cubic centimetres Copper has almost 10^24 free electrons. If we take an example of the copper wire one end is negative and the other is positive, then electron start flowing from the negative to the positive.

E.g example we connect a copper wire to energy or provide pressure due to this energy the free electron starts pushing the 2nd atom’s free electron and the 2nd will start pushing the 3rd atom’s free electron. And this process is start until the power supply not ended.
In short, the process of flowing free electrons is called electricity.


Electron Flow Direction

In the old time, the concept of electron flow was that a substance/thing are moving in the electric wire from which we attain temperature and light. This theory was used that the current flow direction is from positive to negative. This theory was called conventional current flow.
But now according to the advanced atomic theory, the flow of electrons is negative to positive. It means that regarding the advanced electron theory the direction of the flow of electrons is from negative to positive.

electron flow animation


Electron Flow

The electron flow has required the pressure (potential difference) voltage in a conductor, These provide pressure from 2 ways with a generator and battery. But when this pressure is stopped, the flow of electron also stop. It means that continuing electric current flow required 2 main things electric wire and continued voltage.
If we don’t have one of them then we can not make the flow of electrons or electric current.

Some main Names we Face in Electrical Technology

There are some names and things which is related to the question “what is electricity” and electrical technology


The flow of free electrons is called current, the current is denoted by “I” and its unit is Ampere.


The pressure required to flow the electric current, voltage is denoted by “V” and its unit is Volt.


The property of a substance which opposes the flow of current or electricity through it is called Resistance or resistance is the ability of a circuit to oppose current. resistance is denoted by “Ω” and its unit is the ohm.


History of Electricity – Names related to Electricity History

(1):                  William Gilbert (English Physician) is known as the owner of Static Electricity who described in his book “that rubbing different material with Amber make Amber different from load stones. This proves that rubbing the Amber with fabric (cloth) then amber attracts small things while the load stones only attract metal. Gilbert invented other things like Glass, Resin is also working like Amber and used the Latin word “Elektron” for Amber and chose Electrica for other things with the same working properties.

William Gilbert


(2):  Word “Electricity” was first used by English Physician the Sir Thomas Browne (1605 to 1682).
Sir Thomas browne
(3): After that, an English Scientist Stephen Gray (1696-1736) discover that some things don’t allow the flow of electricity and some allow the flow of electricity.
Stephen Gray
(4):  Benjamin Franklin was a politicisation and scientist Who conceive of  Positive and negative.
Bengamin Franklin

(5): Charles Coulomb (1736-1806) was a french physician who developed Coulomb’s law “which is about the electrostatic force of attraction and repulsion in 1785. That’s why the SI unit of charge is called Coulomb after that.

The History of Electricity is too lengthy and this post is about ” what is electricity ” not about history however I will write about it in another post when I got some free time because is this is not too important and I required to collect all information about the story of electricity. However, this post is about what is electricity and I try my best to teach you about electricity. I don’t like long posts because a high number of words and a lengthy post are boring post and I don’t want to bore you…

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