Saturday, February 1, 2020

Forward Reverse DC Motor Using Relay

This post is about the forward reverse dc motor using relay. In this post I am sharing a diagram in which a dc motor forward reverse connection is done with double pole double throw relay. For this type of connection you can also use the double pole double throw switch. However in next I will share diagram of forward reverse dc motor using DPDT switch.
In the diagram DPDT relay coil is 12 DCV. This relay is also available in 24 DCV, 120 ACV, 220 ACV. You can use it also. However in this diagram only the 12 DCV electromagnetic relay use. A 12 Volts battery is shown which is used to power the dc motor and relay.

Forward Reverse DC Motor Using Double Pole Double Throw Relay 

forward reverse dc motor using relay

In the above forward reverse DC motor using relay (double pole double throw relay) wiring diagram. two one way switches used. A switch is used to turn DC (direct current) motor forward and reverse. And the second switch which is connected in the way of positive wire is used for switch on/off the motor.

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