DC Motor Forward Reverse Using Relay Diagram

This post is about the dc motor forward reverse using the relay. In this post, we will use the 8 pin finder type relay better known as glass type relay. The 8 pin glass type relay is a double pole double throw relay which is mostly used in circuits where we need an automatic "double pole double throw controlling switch". In the double pole double throw relay, we have 2 common contacts, 2 normally close and 2 normally open contacts. 2 coil magnetic coil contacts. This coil can be rated 12 DCV, 24 DCV, 110 ACV, 220 ACV. You can choose it regarding your requirements.

DC Motor Forward Reverse Using Relay (8 Pin Finder Relay)

In the below DC motor forward reverse using relay diagram. I have shown a DC power supply source, 12 DC motor, and 8 pin finder relay which coil is 12-volt dc operated. Also 2 one way switches, in which one is used to turn motor rotation. And 2nd switch is used for the ON/OFF Motor.

dc motor forward reverse using relay

In the above relay. The 1 and 8 pin is common. 4 pin is normally close, 3 pin is normally open with 1 number pin. 5 pin normally close, 6 is normally open with 8 pin. I hope this simple and easy wiring diagram help you understand, how to control DC Motor with "forward reverse switch" Connection. If you have any questions according to the post or diagram. you can ask your question in the below commenting system.

A complete dc motor forward reverse using relay diagram or 12v dc motor forward and reverse circuit diagram with 8 pin glass relay

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