A shunt trip breaker wiring diagram with emergency switch or kill switch. A complete diagram of mccb shunt trip breaker diagram with epo switch.
Shunt trip breaker wiring diagram, This post is about the single wiring diagram of mccb shunt trip breaker. In the diagram a MCCB (molded case circuit breaker) shown which is wired for 3 phase system. The breaker shunt trip coil is controlled by the emergency switch. Which is also known with the name of kill switch.

MCCB Shunt Trip Breaker Wiring Diagram With Kill Switch

shunt trip breaker wiring diagram

In the above MCCB shunt trip breaker wiring diagram. The incoming 3 phase 4 wire system supply shown. The shunt breaker is 3 pole. Which is used for 3 phase system. But the coil of shunt is 220 VAC. So neutral is required also. The neutral wire is connected to the shunt coil. And line wire is controlled with kill switch. The kill switch normally open contacts are used. Also the symbol diagram is shown.

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