Monday, January 2, 2017

RCD Wiring Installation In Single Phase Distribution Board

Today i am wiring about the rcd wiring installation in single phase distribution board. as you know that we always focus on safety and protection in electrical works. And that's because of that electrical works and electrical wiring is more than dangerous from other works. Always safety first in every work.
RCD are available in many types but fixed RCD (residual current device) are number one device to make a great protection in electrical single phase wiring installation.

RCD Wiring Installation In Single Phase Distribution Board

The wiring installation of rcd is very simple in main distribution board, you need to connect the fixed RCD after the main two pole circuit breaker. Here is the rcd wiring diagram in which i install the main distribution board.

rcd wiring diagram in distribution board

In the above distribution diagram i shown the wiring installation of Double pole MCB circuit breaker , rcd circuit breaker, single pole mcb breakers, voltmeter, light indicator. The installation of rcd is too simple in single phase wiring main board.
You need to connect the rcd or do connection of residual current device after the double pole mcb main circuit breaker as i shown in the above diagram.
However lets explain the complete installation of complete main DB board. you need to fallow these steps.

  • First you need to get supply from the main double pole circuit breaker and connect to the rcd fixed rcd breaker as i shown in the above rcd wiring diagram.
  • Now get Hot wire (phase) from the rcd breaker and connect to all one pole mcb breakers and neutral to neutral bus bar as i shown in the above rcd diagram.
  • For wiring of voltmeter and indicator you need to connect the phase supply from the breaker and neutral wire to neutral connection point.
  • The earth connection is connected in the bus bar , or earth connection point.
  • In last you need to get supply from the neutral point and earth point and from circuit breaker for different loads.
In the above rcd wiring installation diagram i shown the incoming supply (N and L). The rcd wiring is too simple and easy connection, however here some other tutorials which help you more to understand it easily.

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I hope after reading this post and rcd wiring diagram, you will be completely understood. However now if you have any question regarding this post or rcd wiring diagram then you can ask me by using the below comment section.


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