Friday, January 29, 2016

Today i am here to tell you about ceiling fan capacitor wiring or ceiling fan capacitor connection. In this post i will completely guide you about the connection of capacitor or how to connect capacitor to a ceiling fan step by step. But before the instilling of capacitor to fan, first we deuces some related and important things with this topic.

How to Ceiling fan capacitor wiring Connection

The ceiling fan capacitor wiring is become easy if you know about start, run and common connection in fan wires. As you know that ceiling fan have 3 wire which come out from winding. In this wire we connect the electric power supply and capacitor. But the problem is that which one for capacitor and which one for direct power supply.
This is too easy to find out the correct wires and connection by reading the following articles.

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Note that the refrigerator compressor terminals start, run and common finding method is same because refrigerator compressor is also have a single phase motor and ceiling fan is also a single or one phase motor.

Now you find out the fan start, run and common by using part 1 tutorial, now lets see how to connect or instill the capacitor.
Ceiling fan Capacitor Wiring Diagram

In the above ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram, i shown a symbol diagram of fan / motor winding, in which i shown Start, run and common wires. I connect the common wire connection with one connection connector and then i connect the Run wire to the other wire connector as i shown in above diagram with blue color line.
 After that i get connection form 2nd wire connector to the fan capacitor where i connect the Running winding wire (Blue). Then i connect the 2nd wire or connection of fan capacitor (2uf to 3.5uf)  to the Starting winding wire(red color).
In last i connect the incoming power supply which control able and got from the dimmer switch and one way switch.
I hope after the ceiling fan capacitor wiring diagram and post you will easily wire a ceiling fan.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today i want to share a new digital meter which have multi option of measuring, by using this panel meter we can measure the voltage, ampere and frequency hertz and we don't need to wire extra voltmeter ammeter. We can also called this meter a advance type of panel meter. I also shown this meter images and it's wiring diagram which is provided by company which i taken with my mobile camera. However the company diagram is not too hard and not completed that's why i design a diagram about this.

How to wire a voltmeter ammeter and frequency meter with current transformer CT coil?

The wiring of this panel meter is too simple, i want to show you an image of the this meter which is below.

voltmeter ammter
Voltage Ampere Hertz meter

Now let's see the company diagram which is provided by company, the below is company diagram, you can also find out digital meter usage and auxiliary power supply table.

volt amp hz meter diagram
digital meter company data and diagram

We also wire current transformer (CT coil) with this for measuring ampere or load, you can see the current transformer below.

CT coil
CT Coil
current transformer

Wiring diagram of Volt-Hz-Ampere meter with Current transformer (CT).

Now after images, and panel meter company diagram, i am gonna to share with you a a complete wiring diagram of this meter which i design himself for this type of multi panel meter. In this diagram i shown that how to wire a current transformer (CT) with digital meter, how to wire a digital voltmeter for 2 phase 440 V measuring OR we can said that this is for 3 phase. and i also wire Hz frequency meter. Note that frequency meter wiring is done internally from company and you have to do wring as i shown below panel meter wiring diagram. In the below diagram i connect the single phase supply to the meter for display and then i get a connection for L1 (phase 1) and connect with input supply of 400 to 500 volts terminals. Then i connect the L2 to to input terminals of 2 phases(note that the we do not use meddle terminal of between to phases. After that i connect the CT coil ( current transformer) with meter.
voltmeter ammeter hz meter wiring diagram
multi function panel meter diagram

I hope after viewing voltmeter ammeter, hz meter wiring diagram, you will completely understood, now i you have any question regarding this post the you can ask me in below comments section below. IN SHA ALLAH soon we will publish more digital voltmeter ammeter diagram which easy to understand.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Today i feel that i am the number one who write about ac frequency meter wiring for measuring hertz. In this post you will learn about that how to wire frequency meter or how to instill a panel Hz meter. This meter we mostly wire and instill in AC Power Generator, we can also called it a rpm meter.

What is frequency meter?

We use this meter for measuring frequency, in mostly 110 volts usage places the frequency is 60 Hz and in 220 volts is 50 Hz. However let's know that how to wire it.

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How to wire a frequency hertz meter?

The wiring of Hz meter is too simple just like wiring an voltage meter or outlet. For wiring connect the neutral and phase (Line) to the meter connection terminals. I shown neutral with N and phase with L in below diagram.

frequency meter Hz meter wiring

I hope you completely understood, in the above diagram i shown that how to wire an Analog Hz meter, however soon i will post about the digital meter wiring diagram and instillation.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Today i am writing about a basic post about refrigeration, in this post will know about what is refrigeration and how can we make produce of coldness in refrigeration process. As you know refrigeration is big branch of sciences and it's also a part of electrical technology but it is also another big technology.

What is Refrigeration?

The process from which we can produce coldness is called refrigeration, or in simple words the method from which we can produce the cooling and safe our food and fruits for little long time. Or we can also said that,'' the method from which we can transfer the heat from a mass to air and water.


How to produce coldness in Refrigeration?

In ref/ refrigerator machine, in a part vapours make from liquid which is called the evaporator. In this process the liquid got heat from the metal for changing in the vapours and the surface become cold.
We can said that the procedure in which we can change the liquid to vapours for making coldness is called refrigeration system. The refrigeration system can be done by different method and further we will write about it soon.

I think you did not understood that why in refrigerator coldness is produce, i want to share with you a short example which help you more.
For example if you drop petrol on you hand, you will see that in a short time the petrol change in to vapours or air and you will feel coldness, it's means that the petrol require heat to change him self to air and petrol got the heat from your hand. Same the refrigeration cycle and system working on this system.

Advantage's of Refrigeration

Before refrigeration and air condensation innovation we can not use the food, meat , vegetables, fruits for a long time and we can only use it between some hours. After innovation of refrigeration now we can use for a long time. Before Ref we can not make cooling in a room easily but after refrigeration technology come we can do it very easily and in a short time. That's is the power of refrigeration technology.