How To Do 2 Pole Fixed RCD Wiring For Protection

Every one know that Electricity is dangerous, and mostly in our homes we wearied about our children because kids./children always to do some thing new and when children saw a electrical devices, he want to get and play with this, e,g example that our children don't know about outlet./socket and when he/she saw this, there are 50% chances that he/she will enter his finger in outlet.
So what is solution of this problem in electrical wiring, don't worry the world become advance and you can safe himself and your children from Electric shock using RCD circuit breaker in your main distribution board. In this post you will learn about rcd wiring which is a protective devices. The working rcd breaker is that when a person mistakenly touch with phase wire, it's trip and switch off all supply.
 RCD means Residual Current Device

How To Do RCD Wiring OR Fixed 2 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker Wiring 

Before we learn about wiring diagram, i want to light about some related things with this article.

What is RCD ?

RCD means residual current device which make safe you form electric shock, if you are working live in electricity and by mistakenly you touch the phase/line wire which is dangerous. In case of this situation the rcd show his work and stop the electric supply. RCD broke the electric circuit if there is an earth current flow.

Types of RCD

Three are main three types of rcd which protect you from a strong electric shock, which are below

Fixed RCD

This type of rcd is wired and instilled in consumer unit wiring (fuse box or distribution main board) and it's provide protection to all unit electrical wiring, e.g example all sockets/outlets, all light bulbs and all fans etc.

Outlet/Socket RCD

This is special type of rcd or we can said it a advance protective electrical outlet. But this rcd outlet provide protection to those people who use electric power form these sockets or who plug in his equipments shoe or led to this socket/outlet RCD.

Portable RCD

This is a special and advance type of portable sockets, in this portable socket a rcd breaker is faxed, and you know that is the real place of rcd which is portable socket. To make safe your children, family and you form electric sock from portable sockets," then use this portable rcd fax socket or outlets."

RCD Wiring Diagram

 The fixed rcd wiring diagram is very simple just link 2 pole circuit breaker, in 2 pole fixed rcd circuit breaker we have to incoming connection/terminals where we connect the incoming or entering supply and 2 connection point/terminals  for getting supply, for better understanding follow the below diagram.

rcd wiring

Wiring a  rcd breaker as very simple, as i shown in above diagram just like this wired your fixed rcd breaker in your main fuse box. This is two pole breaker wiring diagram however soon i will make a diagram about 4 pole rcd breaker and it's instillation.

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