Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fuse Box Explanation and Advantages of Fuse Box in Electrical Wiring

This post is all about the fuse box and importance in electrical wiring. In this post we will discus the electrical fuse boxes and it's working and properties in electrical wiring. INSHALLAH our next post will about the fuses box wiring diagram. But in this post we will only lighting about the importance of fuses.

What is Fuse Box?

Fuse is electrical safety device which we use in electrical circuit to protect our electrical appliances from damages and burn. In simple words a fuse in an electrical low resistance device which protect the electrical devices form over current or to protect electrical wiring in case of short circuit.
A fuse box is an electrical panel box where we wired all fuse for protection. Are we can said the circuit point where the fuses in connected between supply and circuit.
Note That a fuse will always contact in series between supply and load.
We can also called circuit breaker box a type of F box, because the circuit breaker is also protection devices which we wire for safety in electrical wiring.

fuse boxes

How A fuse Works?

A fuse is low resistance electrical device which cut off the electric current flow in case of high or over current flowing. E.g example if a fuse is design for 5 ampere (A) load and the circuit start getting high current (ampere). When current will increase  form the 5 ampere the resistance will heat of due to high current flow and due to heat the fuse burn and make an open circuit.

Advantages of Fuse and Fuse Box

There a lot of advantages of electrical fuse boxes, in which some are below.
Fuse make our electrical wiring or circuit  protect.
We can find out electrical short circuit from a circuit easily.
We can test electrical wiring faults and problems easily.
We can do electric work easily by switch off or plug out fuses from box.
We can control all electric power using fuse panel box
We can replace fuse easily in a small time. (Note that use those fuses which we can easily rewire or change).

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