Friday, July 3, 2015

How To Wire A Voltmeter In Home Wiring?

We use voltmeters to measuring the voltage or electrical potential difference between two points of electric circuit, and mostly we wire in it our main board or main circuit breakers board. In this post you will learn that," how to wire a voltmeter". To start talking about the voltmeter or voltage meter wiring first we will learn about some basic thing which is very important.

What is Voltage?

The force which flow the electron in a conductor is called voltage, it is denoted by "V" and it's unit is volt.

Types of Voltmeters:

There are two types of voltmeters Analog and Digital.
Analog Voltmeter:
 The analog voltmeter have moving a pointer which show the range of voltage in a circuit.
Digital Voltmeter:
 The digital voltmeter gave us a numerical display of voltage.
analog and digital voltmeters wiring
Analog and Digital voltmeters

How to wire a Voltmeter ?

This is very simple to wire the volt meter, just like the we wire a lame holder, the voltmeter have two terminal just like a lame holder, to wire connect the electric supply wire to the both terminals as shown in below diagram.

voltmeter wiring diagram

In above voltmeter wiring diagram i shown the a voltmeter with electric supply and as i wire the voltmeter same you can wire and do it same just like i shown in above diagram, how ever soon i will upload practical example which will help you very much. In above voltmeter wiring diagram i shown the voltmeter symbol which can help you in incoming articles.
Hope you learn this circuit, share your ideas with us using the below comments section.

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