Friday, February 27, 2015

How to Wire a Switched Single Phase Motor Using Circuit Breaker

In every place we use the electric motor and mostly single phase motors. Single phase motor wiring is too simple connection but every person can not do it easily. Today this post is specially for complete method of single phase motor wiring with switch Off-On circuit breaker. For single phase motor we can use one way switch, 1 pole circuit breaker and 2 pole circuit breaker for controlling off-on.
You can wire a single phase motor form one pole circuit breaker and also you can do it form 2 pole circuit breaker. But this best method of wiring is the first one because there is no necessary that we controlled and switched the neutral (N) wire, we always switched the Line wire (L) for safety and Off-On.
And you want full protection then use the 2 pole circuit breaker, however this is suitable for those places where you don't know about the neutral and phase wire.
Every one know that a single phase motor have only 2 wire to get supply and it's working only on two wires and we connect the AC supply with it in which one is neutral and second is phase wire.

How to wire a single phase motor

In below single phase motor wiring diagram, " i shown an electric motor which is wired with single pole circuit breaker.

single phase motor wiring diagram
single phase motor wiring diagram
Note that always connect the L wire to circuit breaker, and one thing more use the circuit breaker regarding motor starting current (ampere). If your motor take 10 amp in starting then use 10 ampere circuit breaker.
On thing more if you have an earth wire connection then connect it with motor. In above example wiring diagram i did not show the earth wire connection with electric motor, however soon i will share an article about earthing. And if you can not wire the circuit breakers then below links can help you.

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Now if you have any question regarding the single phase motor wiring diagram the you can ask me in below comments section.

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