Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan with Switch & Dimmer

We use ceiling fans in every room and in room wiring the wiring ceiling fan is very important thing in a room, there for this post is also about complete method of wiring of ceiling fan with dimmer switch and one way switch. In Electric wiring we use a dimmer switch and one way switch for ceiling fan controlling .

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan From Switch and Dimmer Switch

Requirements :

AC Supply 110 to 220 volts
Ceiling Fan
Switch : One way switch OR Single way switch
Dimmer Switch

Wiring A Ceiling Fan Diagram

For this type of wiring connection first of all that you have the above things and then switch off your incoming supply main circuit breaker and then start wiring. First of all connect the (N) neutral wire to the ceiling Ross, or fan and then connect the L wire (phase wire) to the switch and then connect a wire between the 2nd terminal of switch and dimmer and then connect a wire between to 2nd terminal of dimmer switch and connect this electric wire to the fan as shown in the below diagram / Image.

wiring a ceiling fan diagram

In above example diagram i shown a complete diagram of ceiling fan wiring with switch symbol and dimmer switch symbol, and i hope you learn after that how to wire dimmer switch. Now if you have any question regarding this diagram / post then write your comments in below comments box.

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