Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How to wire bulb by one way switch

Today is very special because i am gonna to start this blog and my start is from electrical wiring and today this post is about wiring of a light with one way switch. Today you will learn that how can you wire one bulb by one way switch. This is so simple wiring connection and it's diagram is also too simple but for beginners it's very useful and for new electrical students it is a good start.
Now let's start that how can you wire a bulb with a switch.

Wiring Of A Light With A Switch 

Requirements :

Switches : 1 one way switch  / single way switch
Bulb Holder : 1 bulb holder / lamp holder
AC Supply 220 volt to 230 volt incoming supply
Electric cable : Required to the distance

Tools Required :

1 Plier
Screwdriver set
Electric tester

Method of Wiring :

For this type of wiring instillation in homes, school etc you should have the above requirements, for this type of electric connection, 'start the work from incoming AC supply , in alternative current we use red colour wire for phase and black colour wire for neutral, however if your income supply is in same colour wires, then first chick- the supply wire using electric tester and find out your neutral and phase wire. After that connect the neutral wire to one of the terminal of bulb holder and after that connect the phase wire connection to the one of the terminal of  switch and then connect a wire between the second (2nd) terminal of switch and (2nd terminal of holder. Remember switch off you circuit breaker before you start and gave a review to your all work when you done it.
In the below image, i shown the controlling and instilling methods of one light from a switch and i hope the below image and symbol diagram will help you to learn this E wiring connection.

one way switch and light wiring diagram

I hope now you understood and know you will be able to do this type of electric connection in home, school, college etc. Don't worry and start your work and for better understanding do this practically but this is not enough, dally visit our blog for new learning tutorials and not only this site but also search on Internet and where you have find good learning then learn and also share with us because the electrical technology is just like a sea and now one can learn it completely and i am also a student of E technology.
Now if you have any question regarding this post then do ask me in comments section, i will be very happy to gave answer of your comments.

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