Monday, April 20, 2020

3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram

In this post you will learn about the 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. As you know that we have two way switch, washing machine timer, bell, light indicator and washing machine motor. First we talk about the parts step by step.  And then we talk about the complete wiring of 3 wire washing machine motor.

Washing Machine Motor Capacitor Wiring Diagram With Timer

Parts of 3 wire washing machine.

Tow way switch : A 2 way switch is used in washing machine wiring to switch the motor in one or 2 direction. I we switch the motor on one side. Its means that the motor will run only in one direction. And if we switch the motor to two direction. The motor will run on both direction. For a small reset the motor will stop and then the motor will start in 2nd direction-. The motor will start clock and anti clock wise by using the washing machine timer.

Washing Machine timer : A timer is used in washing machine, which can be in different shapes and different types. The wiring wire of washing machine can be different color and different number of wires but it's working will always same. In the below 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. A 6 wire timer is used. The timer working is to run the washing machine motor for specific time. By using the timer the motor run clock and anti clock wise. This timer also on the bell when it's complete the washing timer for small time. And then it's switch off the motor and bell.

Bell And Light Indicator : A bell also install the washing machine, this bell switch for small time when the timer complete his time. Also a light indicator Which show on the incoming electric supply.

Washing machine motor : The main part of a washing machine is the motor. The washing machine motor winding is not different from a single phase induction motor but in the motor they both winding is made from the same number of wire gauge. A 4 pole motor is used in a washing machine motor. which have 3 wire. The one wire is common and the 2 other wire is for the capacitor. Also read the below article which help you that how to test the washing machine motor.

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Capacitor : A capacitor is used in washing machine to run the washing motor. This capacitor will be a running capacitor. But the value of capacitor can be change according the motor.

Now come to the wiring diagram.
3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram

In the above 3 wire washing machine motor wiring diagram. The main supply one wire is connected to the washing machine motor common connection point. Same from the wire the light indicator and buzzer wired.

The 2nd wire is goes to the timer black wire. The timer have 5 more wires. In which the blue for buzzer. The green or brown goes to two way switch. A Two way switch have one three output terminals. In which we use only two. The center point will be not use and when switch on center position-. The washing machine will be off.

The timer red wire will connect to two way position point of 2 way switch.  one yellow is connect to one way position point of switch and also the wire goes to the motor. The second yellow wire will connect to the 3rd wire of motor. A running capacitor will connect between yellow wires.


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