Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Direct Online Starter Animation Diagrams

For low load three phase motor we use direct online starter for controlling. But how a direct online works and how to wire a direct online starter for a 3 phase motor. In this post you will learn DOL starter with simple direct online starter animation. The diagram is complete animated and simple to understand. And this not a single animation, we divide it in parts. In first part i shown that the motor is OFF, and 2nd part i shown that motor is ON and in last the motor is OFF. The all process is shown with simple animation diagrams.

Direct Online Starter Animation Diagrams - DOL Stater Animation

Before we talk about the diagram first we talk about the magnetic contactor, thermal over current protection relay, normally close push button switch, normally open push button switch. In the diagram the contactor which is used is 380 to 440 ACV. A thermal overload relay is used for protection during the over current flow to motor. (In thermal overload relay the NC and NO contacts shown) A red normally close push button switch shown and normally open push button shown.

In the direct online starter animation diagram a 3 phase 440 volts supply is shown which is connect to the magnetic contactor main contacts. From the blue wire  a wire goes to the thermal overload relay normally close contacts and from there the wire goes to the contactor coil A1 terminal.

From the red line wire a wire goes to the normally close push button switch. From the NC push button switch the wire goes to normally open push button input terminals and from same place a wire goes to the normally open auxiliary contacts of contactor. This wire will called hold wire.

From the NO switch output terminals a wire goes to other side of NO auxiliary contacts of contactor and from same point the wire goes the contactor coil A2 terminal. This wire will called touch wire in simple words.

Here is the first look of 3 phase motor direct online starter wiring animation diagram in which the motor is not start.

direct online starter animation

In the above animation diagram. I show that motor is not start and NO push button switch in normal state. Now in next step the normally open push button switch is ON and the motor is also ON.
As you know that we use normally open push button switch only for touch current or starting time current.

motor control animation
In the above 3 phase motor controlling diagram the normally open switch is in close state, in the next diagram the normally open switch is open state but motor is start because the other line wire goes to contactor in hold wire through the contactor normally open contacts (because now contactor normally open auxiliary contacts is close).
3 phase motor wiring animation
Now if we want to switch off the motor, then we need to push normally close push button switch and when we push the normally close push button switch. The supply which goes to contactor through the hold wire (blue wire from normally open switch) with cut and magnetic contactor will be De energizing. As I shown in the below direct online starter animation diagram.
three phase dol starter wiring diagram

Now after pushing the red push button switch (NC switch) the circuit will turn normal state as I shown in first diagram.

I hope after this direct online starter animation diagram, now you will be able to wire direct online starter (DOL starter) for a three phase motor. Now if you have any question in above 3 phase motor wiring animation diagram then you can ask your question using the commenting system.