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Replacing Capacitor In Ceiling Fan With Diagrams

In this post you will learn about the replacing capacitor in ceiling fan. Ceiling fan numbering in those electric appliances and machines which we use very much in our life and mostly in summer season. In AC fan we have two types of internally winding which called main winding and starting winding. Most people know main winding with the name of running winding and starting winding as auxiliary winding. However in this post we only high lights the procedure of replacing capacitor in fan.

Replacing Capacitor in Ceiling Fan Motor or other Fan Motor

When your fan running slow or not running and make a type of sound then maybe your fan winding problem or capacitor but mostly this problem comes with capacitor. I also publish a post about role of capacitor in fan and you can learn by using the below link.
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So we use capacitor with fan but when capacitor become week, our fan RPM or speed become slow or if the capacitor stop his duty totally or blown then our fan stop running. Note that in some case the fan slow due to the Dimmer switch which we use for ceiling fan to regulate the speed. So if your fan running slow then first chick your dimmer switch , may be some one regulate it on slow direction. However fallow the steps before you gonna to change your capacitor in fan.

  1. First of all switch off your supply from your main DP board
  2. Then open connection point of fan where the capacitor instilled from company
  3. Then check the capacitor value and buy the same value capacitor from market or online store.
  4. Now remove the old or blown capacitor wire one by one and connect these wire to new capacitor.
Note that change the same ratio capacitor to fan. If a fan have 2 uf capacitor then replace a 2 uf capacitor to fan.
After replacing capacitor fix all thing and start your supply form Distribution board and check the fan, if ceiling fan running slow or still fan is not starting change the dimmer switch and after that if fan have same problem. Then this may happen in case of following problem.

  • Your fan main winding or starting winding is burn if fan still make sound and not starting. Or the fan bearings is jam.
  • If the ceiling fan not staring and have no making sound or vibration then may be your fan internally winding is burn or cut ( open circuit).
  • OR your in coming supply is not receiving to the fan. 
Now If your fan not starting and have no sound then conform that the current supply is receiving to fan , so if fan receiving the current and still not working and not making any type of sound then may be your fan internally winding is cut (open circuit)/ burn. Or maybe it's connection wires are cut.

Now come to explain it using a simple clip art replacing capacitor in ceiling fan diagram. In this below diagram i shown the ceiling fan motor and it's connection point where the capacitor instilled. For example your fan capacitor is blown and you want to change it with new one, then the first option to check the number of old capacitor. It's for that reason that you buy a new capacitor with same model and ratio. Now if your fan capacitor have 3 wire red, yellow and purple. So if all wire are connect to fan other wires then buy same type of capacitor and if your fan old blown capacitor have three wire and only two is connect to the fan wiring then follow these step.

  • First of all buy the same type of capacitor form market.
  • And if the same type of capacitor is not available then check the capacitor value. You will find that there two types of value written on capacitor. For example 1.2 micro farad and 2.3 micro farad . You will see that the red and yellow wire capacitance value is 2.3 uF and red and purple wire value is 1.2 uF. So your common wire is red. I also shown the 3 wire capacitor diagram inside the below ceiling fan capacitor changing diagram
  • Now if the red and yellow is connect to the fan then buy a 2.3 uF capacitor form market and connect it to the fan.
The all process of replacing capacitor in ceiling fan i shown in the below diagram which help you in understanding.

replacing capacitor in ceiling fan

In the above replacing capacitor diagram i shown three wire capacitor, it's for that if you required a 2.3 uF capacitor and which is a two wire capacitor and in market the two wire capacitor is not available then buy a three wire capacitor which have a value of 2.3 micro farad. And connect the 2.3 uF wire to the fan a leave the other wire as i shown in the above diagram. Note that insulate the other wire.

Replacing 3 Wire Capacitor to Fan Motor In Speed Control Switch

If your fan motor is working on three wire capacitor and it's connected to the fan speed control switch then connect the connection as shown in the below diagram and also read the post which i given after below replacing 3 wire capacitor to fan diagram.
replacing capacitor in ceiling fan

By reading the below post link, you will completely understood about the replacing of 3 wire capacitor in fan and also read the other post for better understanding.
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I hope now you will completely understood the replacing capacitor in ceiling fan motor or other fan, however if you have any question regarding this post then ask me comment section. 


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