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With a new three phase diagram i am here, in this post i am writing about ammeter selector switch wiring diagram in which i shown the complete method of ammeter selector switch connection with current transformer. I also write and published posts about ammeter and current transformers. And if you don't read our last post about CT coil and ammeter then kindly read these first. I provide post link below after also read tag.

Now i am capture some images from an electrical panel board where the ammeter selector switch installed by my teacher Mr. Fazal Mana which have a big experience in motor winding and electrical panel board installation and making.
As you know that a ammeter selector switch make easy to test the three phase ampere and load testing
In the below image a panel have only 4 places for electric panel meter installation and if we install the three meter for voltage testing then we have only one place for ammeter and we don't have place to install the three ammeters, so the ammeter selector switch make easy to test and measure the all phases L1 , L2 , L3 amperes with on panel ammeter by using the selector switch.

selector switch with panel meter

In the above image i shown the three voltage panel meters and one ammeter with selector switch, now lets see wiring connection image of these meters. I know that wiring connection is not too clear to understand, however the reason of the image publishing is to learn about the method and wiring connection clearness.
ammeters and voltage meters wiring connection
Now lets the back side of panel meter selector switch with wiring connection.
ammeter selector switch wiring
In the above images i shown light indicator and voltage and amp meter wiring, so the below links help you to complete understanding.

Light indicator wiring of 3 phase
How to install and wire voltage meter for three phase

Ammeter Selector Switch Wiring Diagram with CT Coil (current transformer) and Ammeter Connection

Before we start talking about the main diagram and main topic, first we disuse some things which is related with this post. I publish post about CT wiring and installation and you will learn my reading the below post.

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So what is ammeter selector switch?, and why we use this for ammeter and ct coils where we can do this without a selector switch. As you know that we install three CT (current transformers) for measuring three phase ampere (load) and these three ct required three ammeters which show the amperes to us. So the ammeter selector switch is a selector switch from which we can do this work with one ammeter / ampere meter and we don't need to install three ammeters. The selector switch change the ct connection to amps meter.

In the ammeter S switch we have 4 menu 0,1,2 and 3 and on the 0 point it's off and 1 side the switch active the first CT and on 2 the L2 CT and on 3 the selector switch active or do connection the L3 CT to ammeter.
As you know that if we install the three current transformer (CT) coils for three phase, so connection method of this wiring is that to connect one one connection of all CT in one point which will be called Common Point.

So come to the ammeter selector switch wiring diagram, 3 days ago i am downloading and collecting some E book for him self and i find out a wiring connection diagram of amp selector switch in a E book pdf file which i highlight with text and make more easy to understand and you can see it below.
ammeter selector switch wiring diagram
 In the above diagram i shown the three phase four wire supply with three CT coils. In the selector switch connect the all CT Coils connection to R,S,T. and get supply From A1 and A2 for ammeter. Note that this ammeter switch front menu available in different names such as 0-1-2-3 , L1-L2-L3 and R-S-T. Note that in the above diagram i connect all current transformers one one wire with a point which i shown with earth symbol and if you don't connect this common wire to A2, the connection and ammeter will also work properly.

This is too simple wiring connection and no need to explain more, however if i fond any image of ammeter selector switch which connection point shown clear then i will design another diagram. However the easy way to make own 3D switch image which connection contacts shown clear and When i done this, i will publish. Now i hope you understood this ammeter selector switch wiring diagram and IN SH ALLAH soon i will write about voltmeter selector switch wiring.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

As we know that Electricity is very important thing in every one life, but more of us don't know about that what is electricity in real. That's way i am writing this post and i written above that many people don't know about electricity what is in real, and you know that i was also one of them, i also did not know completely, but recently a friend + my teacher gave me a book to study this and i find out this question and topic on first page and i start reading and you know i find out this is too interesting and i got some great knowledge about electricity which i am sharing with you in this post. I did not say that this is complete information about Electricity because no one know about it completely that from where the electricity history was started and also no one can learn the all branches of electricity because electricity knowledge is like a sea which have no end.


What is Electricity? - A Complete Guide And Basic of Electricity

This question "what is electricity" comes in many people minds and many people relay don't know about this. When we lighting about the properties and advantages of electricity, we find out there is no end and this thing make us to find out the correct answer of this question.
In simple words electricity is power which we can not see and don't have a body and weight but we can fell only if we tech mistakenly electric wire, we fell a big shock.
If we said that electricity goes inside into electric bulb and make filament red and start energizing but this is bad example for this. However we can said that the power of electricity make energize the light bulb filament.
But we use many examples about electricity actions, For example we get water for example, '' we can flow the water from one place another place and we can also do this with electricity. As Water have a big power, electricity have also a big power, as we use the pipes for flowing water from one place to other, just like this we use the conductor or copper wires for electric current flow.
But this is also not a good example and it's not too related with electricity because the water have there weight and body but Electricity have not a body and wight. And if we touch the electricity, we fell a strong shock which prove that selectivity have internal a great power and that power constrain the electric device to do work.

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Electron Theory :

Every thing have there mass and takes up space is called the matter. There are 3 types of matter Solid, Liquid and Gas. By the help of advance query we find out the every thing in universe is made from matter and matter is made from more smallest particles which we called Molecules. These molecules are also make from more smallest particles which we called atoms.
When Two or more atoms together make a molecule. Note that those substances which molecules are made from same atoms are called Elements and which substances which molecules made from different atoms are called compounds.

Structure of An Atom :

In the world every thing is made from atoms, Basically atom are comprise three types particle which we called Electron, Proton and Neutron.
Every atom have a center which called nucleus which comprise with neutron proton and electron. Electron are surrounding from nucleus very quickly in orbits.
Electron have negative charge (-) and proton have positive charge(+).

structure of atom animation

The Flow of Electric current :

In the Atom outer shell  electron have a week gravity with nucleus  and can be easy separate free electrons from the atom. As you know that atom is also a smallest particle which have a high number of electrons, in cubic centimeter Copper have almost 10^24 free electrons. If we take example of the copper wire one end as negative and other as positive, then electron start flowing from the negative to the positive.
E.g example we connect a copper wire to energy or provide pressure due this energy the free electron start pushing 2nd atom free electron and the 2nd will start pushing the 3rd atom free electron. And this process is start until the power supply not ended.
In short the process of flowing free electron is called electricity.

Electron Flow Direction

In old time the concept of electron flow was that a substance / thing are moving in electric wire from which we attain temperature and light. This theory was used that the current flow direction is from positive to negative. This theory was called conventional current flow.
But now according the advance atomic theory the flow of electron is negative to positive. It's means the regarding the advance electron theory the direction of flow of electron is from negative to positive.

electron flow animation

Electron Flow

The electron flow is required the pressure (potential difference) voltage in a conductor, These provide pressure from 2 ways with generator and battery. But when this pressure is stop, the flow of electron is also stop. It's means that continue electric current flow required 2 main things electric wire and continue voltage.
If we don't have one them then we can not make the flow of electron or electric current.

Some main Names we Face in Electrical Technology

There are some name and things which is relate to question "what is electricity" and electrical technology


The flow of free electron is called current, current id denote by "I" and it's unit is Ampere.


The pressure required to flow the electric current, voltage is denote by "V" and it's unit is Volt.


The property of a substance which opposes the flow of current or electricity through it is called Resistance or resistance is the ability of circuit to oppose current. resistance is denote by "Ω" and it's unit is ohm.

History of Electricity - Names related with Electricity History

(1) :                  William Gilbert (English Physician) is known as the owner of Static Electricity who described in his  book "that by rubbing different material with Amber make Amber different from load stones. This prove that from rubbing the Amber with fabric (cloth) then amber attract small things while the load stones only attracting metal. Gilbert invention that other things like Glass,Resin are also working like Amber and use a Latin word "Elektron" for Amber and chose Electrica for other things with same working properties.

William Gilbert

(2) :  Word "Electricity" was first used by English Physician the Sir Thomas Browne (1605 to 1682).
Sir Thomas browne

(3): After that a English Scientist Stephen Gray (1696-1736) discover that some things don't allow the flow of electricity and some are allow flow of electricity.
Stephen Gray

(4) :  Benjamin Franklin was a politicisation and scientist Who conceive of  Positive and negative.

Bengamin Franklin

(5) : Charles Coulomb (1736-1806) was french physician who developed the Coulomb's law "which is about the electrostatic force of attraction and repulsion in 1785. That's way the SI unit of charge is called Coulomb after that.

The History of Electricity is too lengthy and this post is about " what is electricity " not about history however i will write about in another post when i got some free time because is this is not too important and i required to collect the  all information of he story of electricity. However this post is about what is electricity and i try my best to tech you about electricity. I don't like more lengthy post because a high number of words and lengthy post is a boring post and i don't want to bore you....

Saturday, March 5, 2016

AS you know that we use Circuit breaker of protection and switch On/Off a circuit from main distribution board. I also publish posts about mccb breaker wring but in this post you will about circuit breaker installation for three phase. In this post i am gonna to share with you power panel board image in which three circuit breakers install with three phase power supply. This image is too clear and no need to design a diagram for this post. How ever i highlight the connection and step in image from which you can easily learn.

Circuit Breaker Installation For Three Phase - How to install breakers for 3 phase in power panel board

In my last post i also share an photo of this panel, and also talk about the 3 phase supply colors, This post is about MCCB breaker wiring connection and installation So lets talk about this. As you know that circuit breakers are available in many shapes and different types. Not only this but CB are available for different load (ampere).
We install circuit breakers in every place and distribution board / panel board  regarding load and regarding requirements.

If we want to control a single phase supply then we can do this work by using the single or double pole circuit breaker, and if we required to control the 3 phase then we can do this job by using 3 pole MCCB but if we we have three phase 4 wire system then we use a 4 pole breaker.
Calculation of load and required breaker is also a big point and we face it in every place, if you use 100 ampere circuit breaker for 150 ampere load, the breaker will trip or soon burned.
However calculations of load and required breaker we will talk an other time, now this post is about the circuit breaker installation.
So this post and below image i shown a power panel board, in which three circuit breaker are installed. These all mccb breaker are 3 pole and design for three phase power supply controlling. The image is not about only the wiring of these breakers, but from this you can get idea about the installing breaker.

circuit breaker instillation for 3 phase - circuit breaker mccb wiring diagram

In the installing of breaker in panel is too easy, first of all switch off the main CB and then install the breakers as i shown in above image, after that do wining connection with power supply copper strips or your incoming power supply. After that get connection from the breakers.

So What you learn From this Post

You get an new idea about the circuit breaker installation and you learn also about the C/B wining connection from this post. But the main reason of sharing this image with you is that do all CB connection in you real life clear just like this.
In the circuit breaker installation image you find out that all the breaker install in level and one line. All breaker have strong connection with power supply and have free space with one anther.
And if one of them burned then a person can easily replace is little and small time.

So i hope you learn some thing from circuit breaker installation image and post, Share this knowledge with your friends on social media and share you knowledge with me because i am also one of you and i want to learn about electrical technology and love to share my knowledge with all on this blog which i learned.

Friday, March 4, 2016

As You know that i already published posts about the CT Coil current transformer installation wiring and installation with Ammeter. But in this post you will learn about how to install the current transformers for three phase. As you know that always we need ct coil and ampere meter in main panel board for measuring amperes (Load) and one thing more that in this post i will show you the image of three current transformer installation in main power panel board.
Recently i capture an image of ct installation in panel board. In the panel board we use three colors for three phase power supply Red, Yellow and Blue and black of neutral and green for Earth connection. However in this post you will learn the installation and wiring connection of three CT - Current transformers and the wiring connection of with ammeters.

Three Current Transformer installation - with Ammeters for Three Phase Supply

The connection of CT is to easy and the best place of installation of CT in electric power panel board is to connect it with incoming supply wires and connection. Mostly we use Copper Strips for main sharing connection in power board because we can easy get power connection from copper strips and better for high load. In the below image i shown CT Coils installation with copper strips.

Current Transformer Wiring

So In the the above image i shown how to install the CT coils for three phase but this is just an image, not the full and complete ct coil wiring guide. As you know that i always try to tech completely and write complete and simple post which easy to understand.
So how to connect it with ammeters, so for amp meter wiring learning i published a post and if  you don't read our last post then kindly read it before the below post. and then come to this page.

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Mostly we install an ammeter selector switch for three CT coils, from which can check all phases load with one ammeter and i will also publish about post about this soon but here i this below CT diagram, i don't use selector switch because this is a basic post and after that we will write with details in other time.
Current Transformer ammeter wiring - Ct coil wiring diagram

In the above diagram i shown three ammeters current transformers, in the above CT wiring diagram i common a wire of all CT s, my means that i connect CT one connection with one another. I can also do it without connection with one anther but the main reason behind this is that in real life we do our wiring like above diagram in our main power panel boards. I shown three phase supply with red, yellow and blue colors lines. So in this post you learn about installation of current transformer and IN SH ALLAH Soon i will write about the current transformer installation CT coils with Ammeter and voltage selector switch.