Saturday, November 14, 2015

How To Wire A 4 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker For 3 Phase 4 Wire System

In my last published post, i shared a diagram about double pole rcd wiring, and now in this post we also publish a diagram about rcd breaker but this diagram is about 4 pole rcd which we can use in 3 phase 4 wire system for protection.
I will share more nice and important tutorials about complete instillation of rcd in homes, but in this post i want to tech you about only 4 pole rcd circuit breaker wiring. This is a basic diagram and IN SH ALLAH soon we will make more example and helpful diagrams, from which you will learn easily.

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How to Wire A 4 Pole RCD Circuit Breaker

In rcd 4 pole breaker we have 8 terminals where 4 terminals for input supply and 4 for output supply just like a 4 pole mccb circuit breaker and not only it's like 4 pole circuit breaker, it's wiring method is also same.

For wiring RCD four pole circuit breaker connect your incoming 3 phase 4 wire supply to the input connection of fixed rcd, E.g example connect neutral N and Phases L1, L2, L3 to input terminals and then get supply form out terminals as shown in below diagram.

rcd wiring

 The above Image + diagram is just an example, and rcd is available in many shapes and types, however you can use this method in wiring an 4 pole rcd. If you use 3 phase 4 wire system supply then instill a 4 pole rcd in your main distribution board (Fuse box) for safety.

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